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شما حداکثر می توانید 5 مدل را بصورت همزمان مقایسه کنید
White Paper
  • [SOLUTION BRIEF] GIGABYTE has joined forces with Allied Control and 3M to offer a Two-Phase Liquid Immersion Cooling solution, allowing customers to drastically reduce their data center energy consumption and improve Power Usage Effectiveness ‏(PUE)‏, radically reducing operating costs and environmental impact.  ... بیشتر
  • [SOLUTION BRIEF] GIGABYTE has partnered with Gorilla Technology Group to deliver an Intelligent Video Analytics Solution, using AI ‏(Artificial Intelligence)‏ to implement facial, vehicle and behavior recognition technology of video streams from CCTV cameras in order to deliver business intelligence, security and safety solutions for both private enterprises and public organizations.  ... بیشتر
  • [SOLUTION BRIEF] GIGABYTE has collaborated with software partners InfinitiesSoft & Bigtera to create an integrated private / hybrid cloud platform turnkey package to streamline data, tools and workflows in AI training & Big Data analysis. This cloud platform allows you to virtualize and share the GPU and CPU resources of your bare-metal hardware deployment, maximizing time and cost efficiency when running GPU-based AI / DNN training or CPU-based analysis workloads.  ... بیشتر
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