GIGABYTE @ISC 2017: GIGABYTE Broadens Its Platform Coverage To Offer Next Generation Systems Including AMD's EPYC and new Intel and Cavium Solutions

Plus: Liquid-cooled Systems, OCP Compliant Products and High Density All-Flash and GPU Systems

GIGABYTE Server affirms its presence in the high performance computing space with its attendance at ISC High Performance 2017 -The HPC Event - Europe's leading Supercomputing event.
At the show in Frankfurt, Germany, we are showing some of the newest, densest, most innovative solutions in the industry.
Do you want more density in your server space? GIGABYTE is increasing compute density in many ways:

*Liquid cooling systems with 3M and Allied Control

*Industry-leading GPU server density for all
major GPU vendors

*Next generation chipsets from diverse vendors for higher compute power

Join GIGABYTE at ISC in Frankfurt this year to experience the power of compute. With a wide range of HPC solutions available, you will be able to get up close and personal with our latest platforms and solutions on our booth at Booth E-1050.

GIGABYTE on the HPC frontier
Thanks to 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of motherboards, graphics cards and system solutions, GIGABYTE is one of the key manufacturers delivering HPC-ready hardware solutions to its customers. This is in addition to the highly customizable, market-ready options already available from GIGABYTE. With complete control over system design and production, GIGABYTE builds scalable high-performance solutions that meet the needs of a diverse range of applications.