GIGABYTE Stable Models (GSM) & GSM PLUS programs are now available for our customers and users who need a long-term stable supply of motherboards. GIGABYTE guarantees at least 2+ years for GSM and 3+ years for GSM PLUS production and supply, cross-shipping service, and with no minimum order restrictions.
Minimum 2+ Years Supply
GSM & GSM PLUS are guaranteed to have a longer lifespan than other models, and have at least 2+ years for GSM and 3+ years for GSM PLUS product supply and availability from the initial product model release date. Please see here to refer to the GSM & GSM PLUS Product Roadmaps.
Advanced Replacement Service
GSM & GSM PLUS products are equipped with privileged cross-ship service which helps customers get their systems back up to speed faster, with as little down time as possible. GSM & GSM PLUS cross-ship service offers GSM & GSM PLUS owners a replacement product shipped to them prior to returning the defective item back for warranty service. One way overnight shipping is included. To qualify for the program, GSM & GSM PLUS owners need to provide the following items for GSM & GSM PLUS cross-ship service:
  • Proof of purchase: Invoice or sales receipt of specified GSM product stamped within 2+ years from purchase date (GSM PLUS product stamped within 3+ years from purchase date).
  • A valid credit/debit card with good standing (your card will be held with the amount of the MSRP of the GSM & GSM PLUS product during the cross-ship process; credit shall be released after receipt of defective item is verified with no physical damage(s); if defective item not received within 14 days after customer receives the replacement, the holding amount will be converted to a valid charge/debit).