AORUS leads the industry yet again through the collaboration with world renowned mechanical mouse switches and external mechanical switches provider, OMRON. The collaboration gives birth to a uniquely designed keyboard that is exclusive to the all-new AORUS series gaming laptop. Not only does it have a phenomenal keystroke sensation, it also represents a Japanese spirit of seeking quality finishes, in addition to the smoothest and vivid background keyboard lighting, giving gamers the best partner for the battlefield.
Keystroke Lifespan
Pure Japanese OMRON Mechanical Switches | Rated 15 Million Keypresses
The AORUS series laptop is the world’s first laptop with a set of mechanical key switches made in Japan. All OMRON mechanical key switches are produced in the Japan factory, ensuring that each key is quality produced and offer an astonishing 15 million keypresses, this is the perfect representation of what quality is all about.
Optimal Key Height of 2.5mm | Sensational Feel of Blue Switches
OMRON mechanical switches offers an optimal 2.5 mm travel distance, with short and sturdy key presses that are becoming popular amongst enthusiasts, in addition to the crisp sounds of blue switch, gamers can defiantly feel the keypress difference especially in key-intense FPS and online multiplayer games.
Instant Reaction with 1.6mm Actuation Point
OMRON mechanical switches rates in with a 1.6mm actuation point, insuring that every command registers instantly, so your actions are spontaneous in-game, making you in control all the way to victory.
Key Travel of
Instant Reaction with
Gold Plated Contact Points | Pure Class and Quality
The longevity of a switch is determined by the design of the contact point found in each mechanical switch. GIGABYTE and OMRON leads the way with gold plated contact points, not only does it transfer signals more effectively, it also combats rust and deterioration from friction. Such innovation greatly increases the life span of the switches and is a reflection of GIGABYTE’s persistent quest for quality.
Exclusive Concentric Design | Smooth and Even Backlit Lighting
In order to create one of the top-end keyboard backlighting, GIGABYTE and OMRON designed a unique ”concentric” keycap, letting the LED underneath the keycap to shine though evenly and in a way that increases overall lighting intensity by 27%, giving gamers a visual luxury lighting experience while on the way to victory.
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