Pro Gaming Laptop
Designed for Professional Esports Players
AORUS teamed up with the world’s top-tier Esports teams to build the best gear for professional players. We are proud to say our laptops designed by pros for pros.

Unlike other gaming laptops companies who only focus on graphics card specifications, AORUS actually works with these professional players to create optimized gaming laptops for peak performance. Applying the latest and most advanced technology to engineer exceptional laptops breaking through all limits, AORUS successfully redefined what a professional gaming laptop should be.

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What a Pro Gamer is Looking For…
Players travel a lot (60% of their schedule) for tournaments, so the battery life and the size of a laptop is crucial.
High-performance and high refresh rates ensure players smooth and reliable play. Plus, the mechanical keyboard gives the tactile feedback players crave and helps with in-game performance.
The AORUS 15G is the best travel companion I could wish for, it's very light and thin, packs a lot of power, has a 240hz screen and an amazing mechanical keyboard. Playing on the way is now easier than ever.

Kenny S
G2 Esports, CS:GO
Teaming Up with World's Esports Elite
By including G2 Esports' valuable input throughout the product development, AORUS creates the ultimate Professional Gaming laptop - AORUS 15G.

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Jacobo Ramos
the Head of IT
Operations of G2 Esports
AORUS 15G is everything we could ask for and the missing piece of equipment we were waiting for.
Ray Ho
Product Design
Director of AORUS
We crafted AORUS 15G with the true craftsman spirit and wished it could lead the “ultra-thin and lightweight” trend.
What Makes AORUS 15G Professional?
Extreme Gaming Performance
Featuring up to Intel Core i9 and NVIDIA RTX 2080 SUPER, plus the exclusive WINDFORCE Infinity laptop cooling technology, AORUS Pro Gaming laptop is able to easily handle all the latest titles without overheating.
High Refresh Rate Display
144Hz, 240Hz or even 300Hz, the high refresh rate display can reduce after images, hence overall gaming experience is improved.
Mechanical Keyboard
With its tactile feedback and faster signal input, a mechanical switch keyboard can significantly help players improve their in-game performance.
Key Travel
Keystroke Lifespan
Stylish Aluminum Chassis
AORUS Pro Gaming laptop's aluminum body is uniquely designed and crafted using CNC, creating a tighter, more robust fitting chassis.
CNC+ Aluminum
Powerful yet light, the AORUS 15G is made to powerful and portable, weighing in at 2KG (under 5lbs) making it light weight with up to 8 hours of battery life.
2kg / 8 hours
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(Intel 10th Gen)
The lightest & thin gaming laptop with a mechanical keyboard.
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