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The Benefits of the GIGABYTE rev 3.3 Motherboards

The Benefits of the GIGABYTE rev 3.3 Motherboards

Recently, GIGABYTE launched the newly designed rev 3.3 Intel P965-based motherboards. Not only are they the first motherboards on the market to feature native support for 1333MHz FSB, but GIGABYTE has equipped them with several industry leading features that truly make them stand out from the competition. So let's take a closer look at what makes the GIGABYTE rev 3. 3 motherboards tick.

GIGABYTE rev 3.3 Motherboards Supporting 1333MHZ FSB
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Native Support for 1333MHz FSB
The main feature that GIGABYTE rev 3.3 motherboards provide is that they offer support for the next generation 1333 FSB Intel Core™ 2 Duo processors. As 1333MHz FSB is natively supported, no overclocking is need to unlock the performance benefits of these new processors.

While not available on the market quite yet, Intel's next gen Core™ 2 Duo processors are set to be an overclockers very best friend, with some pretty impressive performance numbers. While I would love to show you guys the benchmarks, for now, you will just have to take my word.

While most of the GIGABYTE P965 rev 1.0 / 2.0 boards are also capable of supporting 1333MHz FSB through the latest BIOS update, GIGABYTE has made some hardware enhancements that squeeze maximum performance out of these next generation processors. To start, GIGABYTE has optimized the FSB routing design to improve signal quality for not only 1333MHz FSB CPUs, but for Intel quad-core processors as well. By widening the FSB trace routing, FSB impedance has been reduced from 50 ohms to 42 ohms. This impedance means there is less resistance for the electrical signal to travel between the CPU and the FSB, increasing the speed at which the signal travels and improving signal quality.

The GIGABYTE rev 3.3 P965 Series motherboards also feature flexible memory support options in the BIOS, greatly extending the overclocking potential of the boards, especially when using a 1333MHz FSB processor. With memory multiplier settings including x2.0, x2.5, x3.33 and x4.0, users who overclock will be able to see a marked improvement in memory performance, with even slight overclocking reaching a more than 5% increase in performance.
  6 Phase Power Design and Above  
GIGABYTE rev 3.3 motherboards also feature a 6 phase and above power design that is able to deliver steadier power and immediate current to the CPU and memory during heavy system workloads such as overclocking. Additionally, increasing the number of phases helps to decrease the working temperatures, enhancing not only system stability, but the component lifespan as well.
  Industry Leading Quality Components  
For the rev 3.3 motherboards, GIGABYTE has used higher quality covered flat chokes. Not only does this protect the chokes from damage, but it also protects the other surrounding components on the motherboard from magnetic flux leakage from the choke, thereby enhancing the stability of the motherboard.

GIGABYTE has also added fuses for the USB ports. Most USB thumb drives offer no protection from current spikes. By including fuses, if there is a current spike, the fuse will activate, protecting your thumb drive or other device from damage.
  Enhanced Multi-Media Experience for Vista Premium  
  With dedicated hardware design and a rigorous validation process, the GIGABYTE rev 3.3 motherboards all meet or exceed the Vista Premium requirements. For example, GIGABYTE has increased the number of audio capacitors on the rev 3.3 motherboards to ensure the most rich, high-definition audio experience possible.  
  Ultra Durable Design  
Of course, the GIGABYTE rev 3.3 motherboards* feature the GIGABYTE Ultra Durable design including All-Solid capacitors from the world's leading vendors. This not only ensures a longer lifespan for systems in daily operation while boosting system stability under extreme conditions, but it also allows users to take advantage of better electronic conductivity for excellent system performance.

To read more about the benefits of All-Solid capacitors, please visit the Geeks All-Solid Cap article Here.

* The GA-965P-S3 (3.3) model does not include All-Solid capacitors
  * For more information about GIGABYTE P965 motherboards supporting 1333MHz FSB, please check here.  
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