Unique Design
Unlocked Power
GIGABYTE Unlocked Power

CPU performance will never be the same since the launch of the new Intel 6 Core CPUs including the Intel Core™ i7-980X, which offers performance levels that have far exceeded the expectations of even the most critical hardware reviewers and enthusiasts. In order to offer the best power delivery for these powerhouse CPUs and future 1366 socket processors, GIGABYTE engineers have completely redesigned the traditional PWM power design of the motherboard to deliver first class system performance and stability.

Introducing the all new GIGABYTE Unlocked Power, with completely reengineered 24 phase power design able to deliver more unadulterated power to the CPU than any existing desktop motherboard.

Delivers Maximum CPU Power
Each power phase of the motherboard has 3 main components, 1 choke, 1 capacitor and 1 MOSFET. GIGABYTE was the first motherboard manufacturer to realize the importance of using only the highest quality components for this highly critical area of the motherboard with their Ultra Durable™ 3 design including using 2x the amount of copper of a traditional motherboard for the power and ground layers, Japanese manufactured solid capacitors, low RDS(on) MOSFETs and ferrite core chokes. For Unlocked Power, GIGABYTE has further improved on their industry-changing Ultra Durable™ 3 design. In addition to using smaller-sized name brand Japanese solid capacitors, GIGABYTE Unlocked Power features an all new 24 phase design which utilizes low core energy loss Ferrite Core Chokes, as well as Low RDS(on) Driver-MOSFETs which are able to handle a higher current load, and at the same time, offer better power efficiency and lower operating temperatures.
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