Unique Design
Power Phase Boost
Power Phase Boost with Multi-Gear Switching

When CPU loading requires more than 12 phases to be active, GIGABYTE Dual Power Switching temporarily suspends, and the full 24 power phases are unlocked, allowing for maximum power delivery. For overclockers and power users, this means during maximum loading, all 24 power phases can be activated. When the system detects that CPU loading has again fallen below twelve power phases and will probably maintain lower CPU loading for a while, GIGABYTE Dual Power Switching will again activate automatically, ensuring users have the best of both worlds; maximum power delivery and maximum durability and power efficiency.

GIGABYTE's Unlocked Power Design also provides dynamic 6 gear switching, regardless if Dual Power Switching is active or not. When Dual Power Switching is turned on, the active set of power phases will operate from as low as Gear 1 which is 2 power phases for idle loading, all the way up to Gear 6, which is 12 power phases. When Dual Power Switching is deactivated, the system still operates using dynamic 6 gear switching, with Gear1 being 4 active power phases, all the way up to Gear 6 which is all 24 power phases being activated. With dynamic 6 gear switching, GIGABYTE Unlocked Power is able to maintain peak power efficiency at all times, whether light or heavy loading.


Delivering Maximum Power When Needed
Normal Loading
12 Power Phases are active
with Dynamic 6-Gear Switching
Heavy Loading
Full 24 Power Phases are active
with Dynamic 6-Gear Switching

When Dual Power Switching is activated, 2 sets of 12 power phases operate in tandem, automatically turning on one set of 12 phases and powering down the other 12*.
*Dual Power Switching automatically switches power phases during each system boot up. Users can also manually switch between sets of power phases by turning off and then on the Dual Power button in the DES utility.
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