GIGABYTE 9 Series Overclocking Motherboards
Following the success of the GIGABYTE Z87X-OC motherboard, the #1 most overclocked motherboard on in 2013, GIGABYTE has unleashed 2 new Z97 based overclocking motherboards, the Z97X-SOC FORCE and Z97X-SOC. With a host of unique OC features and bleeding-edge hardware design, GIGABYTE 9 series overclocking motherboards will allow even novice users to Overclock Like a Pro.


Durable Black™ Solid Capacitors
Extra Power Connector for
Enhanced PCIe Stability
Gaming Headphone
Audio Noise Guard
OC Brace
Premium 4-Way CrossFire™/
2-Way SLI™ Multi-Graphics Support
GIGABYTE Pantented DualBIOS™
with LED Indicators
Front USB 3.0
OC Connect (2 USB)
Clear Battery Button
8-pin + 4-pin
CPU Power Connector
15µ Gold Plated
LGA1150 CPU Socket
IR Digital CPU
Power Design
Dual Channel DDR3
Memory Slots
8 Fan
OC Touch     
          6 SATA 3 Connectors (Up to 6Gb/s)
SATA EXPRESS Connector (Up to 10Gb/s)           


GIGABYTE OC Lab tour and Z97X overclocking board
Birthplace of the Z97X-SOC and Z97X-SOC FORCE, the GIGABYTE OC LAB is where HiCookie, Sofos1990 and overclockers from all around the world are able to come up with new design ideas for the next generation of motherboards. Located at the GIGABYTE headquarters in Taiwan, the overclockers have access to GIGABYTE’s experienced and skillful engineers to solve all challenges and experiment at will!



* Features may vary by model.


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