Max CPU Power 
CPU Power Delivery
Same CPU power design as the
record-breaking X58A-UD9
More Power, Greater Performance, Longer Life Span
          Maximum CPU Power Delivery
Like the pistons and cylinders of a car engine, the design of the motherboard Voltage Regulator Module (VRM), component quality and number of power phases greatly affects motherboard performance. GIGABYTE engineers were first to realize not only the importance of using the best quality components for this critical area, but also that with more power phases there can be more power available to your CPU. GIGABYTE Z68 series motherboards with their new redesigned VRM, promise to deliver first class system performance and power stability. With only the best quality components and unique design, incorporating Dual Power Switching and Power Phase Boost with Multi-gear Switching, your CPU can enjoy more unadulterated power from the motherboard than from previous motherboards.
  New VRD 12 (Voltage Regulator Down Specification) Design
  All GIGABYTE Z68 motherboards are Intel® VRD12 Qualified due to their Intel® VRD12
compliant Intersil PWM controller!
GIGABYTE Z68 series motherboards are designed with Intel’s latest Voltage Regulator Down specification (VRD 12), offering new features such as SerialVID (SVID) that transfer power management information between the processor and voltage regulator controller. This allows more robust and efficient signaling control between the CPU and PWM controller, hence delivering a more energy efficient platform.
Powered by Intersil's Reliable Hardware CPU Power Engine. Intersil is the world leading provider for high performance power IC solutions, providing GIGABYTE motherboards with the industry's highest quality CPU power design.
Faster Response!
No delay, Don't need Analogue-Digital &
Digital-Analogue conversion
Signals from a 100% hardware PWM to VRM components do not require a conversion from Analogue signal to Digital and back to Analogue again, this allows for faster response for voltage changes as CPU workload varies.
Higher Accuracy!
Precise V-core control, No digitization errors
Signals from 100% hardware PWMs are processed immediately in real time, without the need for sampling the signals into digital waveform. This eliminates the risks of signal sampling error due to digitization especially during rapid signal change.
GIGABYTE Z68 series motherboards implement the industry’s latest VRD 12 specification to deliver the most precise power delivery for the latest 2nd Generation Intel® Core processors.
Ultra Stable!
Pure Hardware Design,
No risk of firmware crashing
No programmable logic involved for processing PWM signals, so there is less risk of programming errors that may lead to CPU damage.
Ultra Durable!
Better ESD Protection & Noise Proofing
Greater tolerance to ESD and electrical Noise, thereby reducing component damage and PWM signals are not effected.
      Dual CPU Power  
Imagine a workstation class redundant (duplicated) power design on a desktop motherboard! GIGABYTE's proprietary Dual Power Switching Technology allows CPU VRM power phases to split* evenly into 2 sets of power engines that operate in tandem. This allows 1 set of power phases to rest while the other is active as opposed to a traditional power design where all the power phases are always active. So GIGABYTE Dual CPU Power effectively halves the amount of work done by each set of power phases to significantly increase motherboard durability and reliability.
* Dual Power Switching requires system to enable GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver program.
Not all models support Dual Power Switching, please visit the GIGABYTE website for more details.
  Power Phase Boost with Multi-Gear Switching
  GIGABYTE Z68 series motherboards also feature Power Phase Boost with Multi-Gear Switching.
** This operates both when Dual Power Switching is active and when it is not.
  Normal Loading
  12 Power Phases are active
with Dynamic 6-Gear Switching
  Heavy Loading
  Full 24 Power Phases are active
with Dynamic 6-Gear Switching
** Multi-Gear Switching requires system to enable GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver program.
The number of power phases for each Gear switching may vary between models.

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