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Insist on an Ultra Durable™ Motherboard for your new PC
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GIGABYTE 3D BIOS(patent pending)
The revolutionary GIGABYTE 3D BIOS application is based on GIGABYTE UEFI DualBIOS™ technology and is available to consumers in two exclusive modes of interaction, providing enthusiast and mainstream users with a choice of unique and powerful graphical interfaces.

3D Mode
Designed to provide an extremely streamlined and user-friendly BIOS environment, GIGABYTE’s exclusive 3D mode offers a fully interactive and illustrative GUI that allows users to easily and intuitively make key adjustments to the UEFI DualBIOS™ settings for optimum performance. 3D Mode allows novice or casual users to more clearly understand the areas of the motherboard that are being affected through the BIOS settings, gaining a clearer understanding of the BIOS functionality.

Advanced Mode
Advanced mode provides a more comprehensive UEFI BIOS environment that is designed specifically for overclockers and power users who want maximum control over their PC’s hardware. GIGABTYE’s M.I.T. tuning technology can be found alongside fully configurable parameters for GIGABTE’s all new digital 3D Power engine. In short, advanced mode combines the signature GIGABYTE BIOS expertise you’ve come to expect, wrapped a slick, new and optimized graphical UEFI interface.

UEFI DualBIOS™ Technology
At the heart of this exciting 3D BIOS technology is a pair of physical BIOS ROMs containing GIGABYTE’s exclusive in-house designed UEFI DualBIOS™ technology. With a superior graphical interface capable of 32-bit color imaging and fluid user-friendly mouse navigation, GIGABYTE UEFI DualBIOS™ makes BIOS configuration a new and exciting experience for novice and experienced users alike. GIGABYTE UEFI DualBIOS™ also brings native support for large hard drives on 64-bit operating systems.


GIGABYTE All Digital Engine
GIGABYTE Z77 series motherboards take advantage of an exclusive All Digital Engine to deliver maximum power to 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processors. Using entirely digital controllers means that more precise power delivery to the motherboard’s most power hungry and energy sensitive components is possible.

All Digital Power
All Digital Power
4 Main Power Zones
GIGABYTE Turbo Voltage Response
Maintain Optimal Voltage
Turbo Voltage Response
Without Turbo Voltage Response
Turbo Voltage Response allows the CPU and memory voltages to reach their target voltages quicker, helping to improve overclocking performance and provide better power savings.
These components include individual digital controllers for the CPU, processor graphics, VTT and system memory; without doubt the most important components on your motherboard. This All Digital Engine features Precise Auto Voltage Compensation, providing exceptional control over the way power is delivered to your GIGABYTE 7 series motherboard.

GIGABYTE 3D Power Utility*
GIGABYTE 3D Power is an interactive utility that facilitates complete mastery of the 3 dimensions that monitor and control the power to your PC: Voltage, Phase and Frequency. Real-time adjustment of these parameters enables new levels of control, allowing users to tweak and adjust their motherboard’s performance to achieve a stable, high-performance overclock.

* Adjustment settings may vary by model.

3D Power: Voltage Control
3D Power: Phase Control
3D Power: Frequency Control

Set Your Desktop Free
Exclusive Bluetooth 4.0/WiFi Expansion Card
Selected GIGABYTE motherboards will come with an exclusive PCIe expansion card that offers support for the latest Bluetooth 4.0 LE and Wi-Fi connectivity standards. With the growing availability of affordable or free remote PC operation software, such as Splashtop and VLC Remote, GIGABYTE believes that now is the time to explore and enjoy the home cloud: a personal cloud within the secure environment of a home network where the performance and functionality of desktop PCs can be utilized and controlled by portable cloud devices. With this in mind GIGABYTE has introduced their Cloud Station utility that will help future GIGABYTE Apps to communicate, share resources and control desktop PC systems.
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth 4.0 Antenna
Bluetooth 4.0 Antenna Connector
(Wi-Fi receive*)
Wi-Fi Antenna Connector
(transmit+ receive)
* Product features may vary by model.


Bluetooth 4.0/WiFi Expansion Card Features

BT4.0 energy saving

GIGABYTE Bluetooth 4.0/WiFi Expansion Cards offer support for the latest Bluetooth 4.0 standard which is a new low power, high-speed standard that is supported by devices such as the Apple iPhone 4S.

Backwards compatible with previous Bluetooth revisions, Bluetooth 4.0 brings some clear advantages to the table. These include fast device pairing, low latency communication and low power consumption. This means that your iPhone 4S, or Bluetooth 4.0 device can more easily connect to your PC via the motherboard’s PCIe adapter and take advantage of the low latency connection to move data from the iOS device and the PC much faster than previously possible.

To learn more about the advantages of Bluetooth 4.0, please visit http://gigabytedaily.blogspot.tw/2011/12/advantages-of-bluetooth-40.html
Dual Antenna
GIGABYTE Bluetooth 4.0/WiFi expansion cards feature 2 individual antennas which helps provide better antenna diversity.
  • Auto select best signal path
  • Better performance (bandwidth)
  • Improve connectivity
  • Higher throughput
Set Your Desktop Free
Set Your Desktop Free, with the exclusive GIGABYTE Bluetooth 4.0/WiFi Expansion Card. Wireless connectivity for your desktop means you no longer need to be chained to the nearest RJ45 wall connector. Use your desktop anyplace you need it to be.
Dual Band
GC-WB300D features DUAL BAND (2.4/5 GHz) operation
The GIGABYTE GC-WB300D is equipped with two different types of wireless radios, a 2.4GHz band and a 5GHz band. While most WiFi devices utilize the 2.4GHz wireless band, some devices such as the Apple New iPad are able to utilize the higher-speed 5GHz band. The GIGABYTE GC-WB300D allows these devices to operate on the best available band, allowing them to get fastest possible wireless performance and the best possible range. Dual band also helps to reduce interference from other devices which utilize the 2.4 band such as cordless phones.

Turn your desktop into a wireless digital media center!
Using the GIGABYTE Bluetooth 4.0/WiFi Expansion Card on a home PC, users are able to discover, connect, and communicate with any DLNA Certified® devices. Stream music or movies from your PC to your DLNA Certified® TV or monitor no matter if it is in the same room or not.
* Requires Windows Media Player 11 (or above) and media streaming configured.
Click here to see more information about "Set your desktop free with GIGABYTE WiFi software solutions"

Lucid Universal MVP Support

GIGABYTE Z77X-UP7 motherboard supports Lucid Virtu GPU virtualization technologies - optimized virtualization software that improves your PC’s visuals, with faster response times, improved video processing and smoother media playback, all within a low power environment.

Lucid Universal MVP also features Hyperformance, which eliminates redundant rendering tasks and predicts potential synchronization issues in the graphics delivery pipeline, producing faster frame rates, sharper visuals and reduced tearing.

Free Upgrade for your Graphics
Test equip : 3rd generation Intel Core processor 3.2G/GA-Z77X-UD3H/DDR3 1333/Win7 64Bit. Prices are for reference only. Individual prices may vary by region.
Switchable Graphics
Allows users to dynamically switch between built-in graphics and high-end, 3D discrete graphics cards.

Unique Onboard mSATA SSD Support
GIGABYTE 7 series motherboards feature an onboard mSATA slot, allowing DIY builders to take advantage of advanced SSD-based technologies like Intel® Smart Response and Intel® Rapid Start. Mounting an affordable, low capacity mSATA SSD directly onto your motherboard can enhance your PC’s performance with better overall desktop responsiveness, faster boot times and faster system resume times.

Simple and Efficient
mSATA modules are easy to install, take up less space, use less power and require no additional cabling for smaller form factor systems.

Cost Effective
mSATA modules are more cost effective than regular SSDs – using less PCB and requiring no external drive housing.

mSATA SSD uses a Mini-PCIe interface to connect directly to the board via a SATA data bus, leaving all PCIe lanes free.

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