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GIGABYTE @ MWC ( June 28th - July 1st )

At MWC, the center stage for the telecommunications industry, world leaders and C-level decision makers of businesses big and small are gathered to discuss the future of 5G implementation and 6G planning.

GIGABYTE presents its products and insights on Edge computing that will prove to be indispensable equity in telecommunications, as the success in 5G deployments demands a widespread of MEC networks that are both closely-and-intelligently-connected.

Chosen by Taipei Music Center, ITRI, and NVIDIA

GIGABYTE’s E-Series Edge Servers are the highlight of MWC 2021. They are the fruition of GIGABYTE’s long history of providing 5G and edge computing solutions for key clients.

Edge Computing Servers

Edge Computing: computing performed physically or logically as close as possible to where data is created and commands are executed. Offering excellent advantages in latency reduction for applications relying on real-time decision making.


by the Edge - MWC 2021


  • The Birth of E-Series Edge Servers

  • Edge Computing Servers

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