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Rule supreme with the Z690 AORUS gaming motherboards. The new king of gaming platform continues the legendary AORUS bloodline with the most robust power delivery and dominant thermal design, glorified with the complete memory overclocking technology to crown your PC with the best Alder Lake's performance in all its gaming glory.



Rule supreme with the Z690 AORUS gaming motherboards. The new king of gaming platform continues the legendary AORUS bloodline with the most robust power delivery and dominant thermal design, glorified with the complete memory overclocking technology to crown your PC with the best Alder Lake's performance in all its gaming glory.



The heat sinks use geometric cutting lines which create a sense of speed. The advanced Fins-Array III heatsink construction that can be apprehended at a glance through translucent IO cover. The customization lighting with outstanding aesthetics to fit users’ unique personality.


AORUS FO48U Gaming Monitor

With exclusive sound reinforcement techniques, AORUS FO48U provides you with the purest and melodic sound experience and offers extra modes for tailoring to either game or any other entertainment. The design concept lies in creating a digitally constructed dimension, with an efficient, free flowing style.



Breaking the metallic, cold stereotype of components, AERO D uses silver and white collocation, visual effects, soft and warm. Decorating the gray leather which carved with LOGO increases the texture.



The reserved gray metal color and high quality aluminum alloy heatsinks, combined with a brushed metal finish, give the product a fashionable and high-tech feel. Decorating rainbow electroplating pattern which show the variation in color with viewing angle, create a unique style.


AERO 17 (Intel 12th Gen)

Polished details and serene simplicity, that is the aesthetic formula of AERO 17 Creator Laptop. Combining elegant curves with sleek edges, all complexities are removed on the CNC unibody aluminum alloy chassis with an anodized surface. Light and thin, it is devoted to the principle of “function comes first” and possesses not one single redundant embellishment, achieving unprecedentedly smooth visual effects as it echoes back to the lucid essence of design. Glimmering with nature’s most brilliant white light, the AERO 17 weaves a colorful and exquisite lifestyle.


AORUS 15 (Intel 12th Gen)

Like a modern gentleman, the AORUS 15 Gaming Laptop is designed to be precise, formidable, and elegant. Inspired by the aerodynamic design of race cars, the reduced visual presentation of AORUS 15 enabled a lighter and thinner chassis, highlighting the desire for speed while also conveying firm yet smooth details. With the matte black fins by the vents and ornamental orange stripes in the back center, lavish and brilliant optical tension was introduced to the overall visual layers at its rear.



The motherboard is designed with a mix of minimalist design, geometry, and neutral colors in a rather coordinated approach. Various cooling components are neatly presented in the form of artwork, giving this VISION series creator motherboard a sharp and clean look.


AORUS GeForce RTX™ 3080 XTREME 10G

The graphics card draws inspirations from a virtual, digitally constructed world. The surface is formed with the use of different materials. The lines that shape the graphics card symbolize the streams of data flowing through and transforming between the reality and the virtual world.



The design of the Z590 VISION G is inspired by the countless stars in the galaxy. The twinkling light flashes across a sterile white space station, reflecting an array of mystic colors, which is like a dazzling hue smeared on a pure white canvas by an inspired artist.


AERO 15 OLED (RTX 30 Series)

Sleek and trim, the AERO 15 OLED laptop brings aesthetic to a new level for creative pros. Asymmetrical design highlights the elegant workspace and stunning AMOLED display. Post-modern elegance is the theme of this new generation celebrating creativity and high-performance.


AORUS 15G (RTX 30 Series)

The AORUS 15G gaming laptop is equipped with a unique design, giving the entire laptop a lightweight and dynamic touch. The AORUS 15G gaming laptop inherits the supercar design from its predecessor, adopting the side skirt and the exhaust vent above the keyboard. The premium design of the AORUS 15G laptop makes it a supercar among gaming laptops: extremely powerful elegant style.


AERO 17 HDR (RTX 30 Series)

The AERO 17 HDR laptop applies minimalism for a sophisticated aesthetic enhanced through the precision CNC aluminum chassis. The curved outline in the back shows off the contour to perfection, adding dynamic crisscrossing lines by Nanoimprint Lithography (NIL) for a polished and elegant appearance. The attention to detail sets this laptop apart from other 17" models with outstanding performance, making it the ideal professional laptop for business professionals.


AORUS 17G (RTX 30 Series)

CNC anodized technology is behind the durable and elegant AORUS 17G gaming laptop. The rear of the bottom extends beyond the screen to form a winged shape that symbolizes the Eagle, the most powerful bird of prey. Beyond the stunning display, sleek chassis, and top of the line true mechanical keyboard, the AORUS 17G is upgraded to all-new GeForce RTX™ 30 series laptop GPUs, making AORUS 17G your weapon of choice.


AERO 15P (RTX 30 Series)

The design concept of the AORUS 15P gaming laptop is centered around postmodernism. With its race car-inspired design, AORUS 15P combines ultra-fast processing with unrivaled efficiency into its design. The vents on either side of the keyboard extend to the rear and of the body following a curved outline, mirroring the appearance of race car air intake vents. The AORUS 15P gaming laptop brings high performance to the mainstream market.


AORUS 17X (Intel 10th Gen)

The AORUS 17X gaming laptop chassis highlights it's powerful performance through it's design.Expanding its original design inspiration taken from fighter jets, exotic cars and the phoenix. Attention to detail from the interior performance to the exterior design, makes the AORUS 17X the flagship gaming laptop model.



The geometry concept captures the instant moment of an action as if the orderly arranged structure inside is suddenly revealed by a cloak blown open. The coloring scheme is created around the black metal and speedy lines to produce a sense of seriousness.

For cooling, the surface design of the M.2 uses thin and long slits that extend to the inside of the PCH, which allows air to enter the PCH to flow along the structure to the rear opening, and takes full advantage of the benefits realized by full metal armor coverage.



This is the highest end product of the 570 line. From the beginning of the design phase, the comprehensive effects of elegance and pride are embedded. The lighting uses indirect halo to differ from the direct lighting used in previous generations of e-sports products, rendering a low-key yet domineering atmosphere.

The geometry matches the design focus of the image of pride and high-flying in the sky. The geometry of the top armor is created with the abstract image of the eagle to present the flying wings with the fading curve. The bottom PCH uses hidden lighting for the first time to indirectly illuminate the fading groove, resembling hyper-speed airflow. The full cover cooling is especially used for the entire product. That’s why most areas are covered with metal and restrictions are placed on processing, which is also one of the major challenges in this design.


AERO 15 OLED (Intel 10th Gen)

AERO 15 OLED, featuring low-profile and simple characteristics, is the ideal laptop for business and gaming. Underneath the low-key appearance, it possesses the enthusiastic gaming DNA. AERO 15 OLED is designed based on the postmodern style.

Without too many cutting lines on the surface, it creates the sense of simplicity and artistic. The slight curve adds a dynamic vibe to the overall appearance, distinguishing the AERO 15 OLED from the rigid previous generation. The side lines feature fluent and speedy properties. The gap between the cover case and bottom base forms a wing-like fan shape...


AORUS 15G (Intel 10th Gen)

AORUS 15G is designed based on the postmodernism. The heat dissipation openings, full of the sense of speed, are extended from both sides to the curved surface on the rear side, bringing the sense of dynamic and personalization to AORUS 15G. Moreover, it features exquisite sports car-like air intakes on both sides, making AORUS 15G become perfect.

Rear heat dissipation openings are complemented by a curved surface with gradient holes. The unique expression of contemporary minimalist design brings the sense of steady and calm, empowering AORUS 15G with the king demeanor.



Samurais’ clean and wild cuts make every stroke with the most devoted slash.

With the mind of a wild samurai and a pencil in their hands, designers incorporate the most devoted experience accumulated from generations into the product itself to present the product’s geometry, from 1-, 2-, to 3-dimensions, and ingrain the design spirit in every user’s mind.

This is the visual tension we try to present in this generation of X299X DESIGANRE.



CV27Q is equipped with the exclusive Active Noise Cancelling 2.0 and Black Equalizer 2.0 technology helping gamers to communicate clearly with their teammates and see clearly in dark scenes and take out enemies with precision.

The design concept is to recreate the chill of an assassin watching his target with his sharp eyes in the dark, and use clean and simple outlines to recreate the moment he dives through the air, wind flapping through his clothes, and strikes his target.



A balance is struck between the maximized water channel area and the full metal armor coverage to retain the appearance characteristics of both.

The strong senses of speed and seriousness are created with the decoration of the elements of AORUS scratch textures and line totems.

Additionally, whether it is the edges of the acrylic water channel and the metal bottom, attention is paid to the geometric details to deliver perfect quality and boutique-like atmosphere.


AERO 17 (Intel 10th Gen)

Thanks to a clever design, AERO 17 is wider than a 15" laptop, making it more comfortable to use. AERO 17 features the concise design style that is both stylish and versatile. A smooth curve at the end balances the rigidity, adding the sense of dynamic to the laptop. The lines on both sides provide fluid and speedy characteristics.

Taking full advantage of the gap between the screen and the body, the lines continue to expand to the rear, forming a wing-like fan shape. The dual ventilation design and the wide openings on the rear side not only give full play to AERO 17’s heat dissipation capability, but also emphasize its robust and invincible performance. Besides, the rear plate puts the finishing touches on AERO 17, further deepening its brand impression.



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