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The AI facial recognition system can be integrated with IP Camera, and can be used in various surveillance fields. Using immediate facial detection, the system can easily identify regular personnel, VIPs, and strangers, and upload recognition records to the management platform. Thus, the administrator will be able to effectively track access records.

Why Smart Surveillance System ?

  • Accuracy
    High Accuracy

    High accuracy of detection by using AI engine algorithms, and the system can easily grasp the real-time status, record stranger and VIP images.

  • save_time
    Save Time and Manpower

    Through a screening mechanism can improve traditional systems need spend a lot of time and manpower on analyzing to find the target information.

  • Support1
    Enhance the Value of Data

    You can find useful information from massive data and image, which can help you to clarify conditions at that time and make faster responses.

  • safe
    Improve Security Level

    The system is like a virtual security guard, providing 24/7 nonstop security monitoring services, which will send you instant alerts when they captured unknown faces.

  • Integration
    Easy Integration

    API interface for quick integration with existing VMS and other platforms.

  • small
    Lightweight System

    By integrating our powerful AI engine into a compact embedded system, you no longer need to use large hardware devices to perform image processing.

Smart Surveillance System
IP Camera-based facial recognition is widely used in public spaces and businesses. Using immediate facial detection, the system can easily identify regular personnel, VIPs, and strangers, and upload recognition records to the management platform.

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Further Reading

【Success Case】- Implementing Smart Surveillance System in Computer Facilities Room of Taiwan Public Bank
In the computer facilities room entrance of Taiwan public bank. Implementing smart surveillance systems to improve the overall level of security. When a face is captured on the camera, the match takes place in real-time, and a match or non-match either allows or denies access, an immediate alarm will be activated and relevant personnel will be notified to take action.
【FAQ】- How do smart surveillance systems detect faces ?
In order for the system to learn and recognize your facial features, a database needs to be created. When the face data registration is completed and the camera captures your face in the monitoring area, the system will compare the detected features with the data in the database and send a notification to the administrator once the unknown face data is detected.
【FAQ】- How does the administrator register personnel information in the system ?
The smart surveillance system provides a photo registration function, the administrator can upload a profile photo to the back-end system (GFace Manager), and the system will link the personnel information with the photo automatically. In addition, the system also provides a direct registration mechanism, through the frontal clear photo captured by the IP camera, the photo in the recognition record can be registered directly into the system to create a file.
【FAQ】- Why is smart surveillance system needed ?
When the smart surveillance system detects and recognizes the face of a real user, the photo of the user recognition record is stored on the record page. On this page, you can find who was recognition, when it was recognition, and by which devices. The recognition record allows us to track people's movements and automatically detect any suspect behavior, which contributes to more comprehensive protection.
【FAQ】- What is the alert mechanism when the system finds a stranger ?
When the system detects a stranger, the front-end system (GNotify) will immediately mark the event in red, and the back-end system (GFace Manager) will also record the time and location of the event, and send an alert message to the administrator by email to achieve a complete alert mechanism.
【FAQ】- What are the requirements for system setup and the environmental conditions required ?
1. When setting up the hardware equipment, the camera and the computer need to connect to the network and power.
2. The light source on site is maintained at 300 Lux or more.
3. The recognition range and face capture size can be set in the system.
【FAQ】- Does the smart surveillance system have the function of body temperature detection ?
Yes, the system can be used with an infrared thermal imaging camera for body temperature detection, which can integrate body temperature and face recognition to effectively improve security and ensure that no one with fever enters the field. The infrared thermal imaging camera was developed by the National Sun Yat-Sen Institute of Science (NCSIST) and it is an advanced optional equipment.

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