AI Face Recognition Solution

AI Face Recognition Solution is a self-teaching facial recognition system, providing a scalable, modular architecture with great customization for an organization in any size.
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AI Face Recognition Solution is presenting an accurate and user-friendly security optimizing solution. From retail chains to estate management, from individual store to multinational corporations, with solid hardware background and AI algorithm, AI Face Recognition Solution not only provides an evidence-based understanding of user/consumer activities but also support your business with comprehensive security surveillance.
Enterprise Security
Focus on needs of enterprise security and management, Face Manager can integrate access control, and attendance management by our system. Accurate recognition system and anti-passback function also enhanced the security level that suitable for any facility included data centers and high-security laboratories.
Industry Management
Accurate facial recognition records can be used for attendance history, access control, and area security. Customized API can also integrate the existed security check perfectly match with specific industrial criteria.
Retail Marketing
Quantify the impact of the marketing strategy by real-time footfall analytics to improve your business with accurate insight. Planning ahead to achieve optimum management of staffs, the organization’s voluble assets, with quantitative and visualized people counting report.​
Vast Spotted
With your existed IP cams, Face Manager not just blacklist verification to assist security in surveillance, Face Manager is a great tool to integrate VIP and customers purchase pattern, helping the business owner make a wiser decision.
For business in any industry, any size, AI Face Recognition Solution can easily adapt very specific condition and meet high criteria of security by our state of art algorithm and solid hardware background. AI Face Recognition Solution is designed to become your best partner on the way to optimising security management and retail analysing. 
Key can never be lost
Biomatrics is the kind of key one can't lost, and with the self-learning system, this solution is your ultimate choice of security.
Authorization by group
By creating various shifts and identification levels for different groups of employees, you can easily protect your facility and manage access rights
Smart system service all sizes
AI Face Recognition Solution provide a scalable, modular architecture with great flexibility for organisation in any size.
Self-learning system
AI Face Recognition Solution is an autonomous, self-teaching system specialised in bio-metric recognition processing with high speed and accuracy.
Ultimate Security Management Optimising Solution
No matter what size is your business, AI Face Recognition Solution got you covered. AI Face Recognition Solution's modular architecture is design to be scalable and flexible. Log data delivered from the AIO can be transformed into various useful information to improve your management. Accurate facial recognition records can be used for attendance history, access control, and area security. AI Face Recognition Solution also shows it's strengths when adapting to different condition. Sourcing from both IP cam and our AIO camera, log data processed through AI Face Recognition Solution can be transforming into a preferred format and easily merge with the existed workflow, optimising your business with the lowest effort.
AI Face Recognition Solution
Comprehensive Dashboard
A user-friendly interface system for monitoring all recognition records and managing all access control and recognition devices.
All in One Recognition Device
7-inch AIO facial recognition edge device, with RGB and IR lenses all in this single device.
BRIX for Face Manager Service
BRIX / Ultra Compact PC kit
Mini PC for Face Manager Service
Mini PC for Recognition Service
Rack Server for Database support
Various rack servers with a high level of performance, energy efficiency, and overall reliability for the most demanding server applications
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