Electronic Control Unit for AMR

Customized hardware platform for your advanced AMR (Automated Mobile Robot) applications

Make your own design, leave the rest to GIGABYTE

With 35-year experience and technologies in the ICT indstry, as well as advanced design and manufacturing capabilities, GIGABYTE provides customized design and manufacturing services for AMR developers, making their robots working with maximum efficiency in the front line.

No matter what software architecture and platform your robot design adopts, what remains unchanged is its requirements for the reliability and stability of the hardware platform. When your team is actively developing state-of-the-art robotic applications, GIGABYTE will be your best engineering and manufacturing partner.
  • AI
    AI algorithms

    GIGABYTE offers reliable hardware platform for the AMR application developers to deploy their AI algorithms and unleash the power of AI.

  • gpu
    Design flexibility

    Multiple Operating System (OS) and customized CPU/GPU combination for different applications.

  • Compatibility

    Designed for working under harsh environments.

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You May Be Curious

What will be the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) if I need customized products?
Each project regarding customized product is independent. The GIGABYTE team will propose tailor-made solutions in accordance with customer needs and plans for the product. Our mission is to assist customers establishing successful business models by developing ideal products in their minds. So, you don't need to worry too much about the MOQ.
What will be the Non-recurring engineering Expense (NRE) of customized devices?
The cost of NRE depends on conditions of each project, so there will not be a fixed price. The GIGABYTE team provides different hardware architectures and platforms to help customers find the solution with the shortest development time and the lowest cost. 
What should I do to initiate a project with GIGABYTE?
Please leave your contact information and product requirements. The GIGABYTE team will contact you and then introduce project process to you.