Smart Fall Detection System

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Providing You with 24/7 Protection Helps Prevent Injuries Related to Falls

The Smart Fall Detection System combines 3D depth sensing technology to detect human motion and position. When a fall accident occurs, an instant alert signal is generated to allow caregivers to provide prompt assistance and minimize injuries. The depersonalized depth images have high privacy and can be installed in bathrooms or rooms to establish 24/7 monitoring, making long-term care services more comprehensive. Currently, it has become standard equipment in large teaching hospitals.

Why Smart Fall Detection System ?

  • surveillance
    Real-Time Active Detection

    The device promptly detects and alerts the caregiver when an unaccompanied patient experiences a fall accident.

  • safe
    Injury Prevention

    Detect any fall event immediately, effectively grasp the fall information, seize the rescue time, and reduce the occurrence of serious injuries.

  • privacy
    Privacy Protection

    After detecting and de-identifying human bodies, the 3D depth sensing camera can be installed in private spaces, such as restrooms.

  • AI
    High-Accuracy Recognition

    The AI engine is optimized for accurate identification and can detect multiple types of falls while reducing the occurrence of false alarms.

  • friendly
    Reduce the Burden

    Fall detection systems can assist medical personnel in instantly understanding the situation and effectively improve the quality of care.

  • Integration
    Easy integration

    The device can integrate with the medical care back-end system through an easy-to-use API, allowing customized responses to different events.

Smart Fall Detection System
The smart fall detection system uses 3D depth sensing technology to accurately detect human body movement and position.When the camera detect changes in motion that resemble a fall, the system will send immediate alert to the nursing personnel.

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You May Be Curious

【Success Case】- Implementing a fall detection system in the VIP ward of Taoyuan regional teaching hospital
Patient falls are one of the most common and significant accidents in hospitals and care institutions. In the VIP ward of a Taoyuan regional teaching hospital, a fall detection system has been introduced. Through the use of a 3D depth sensing camera, the system can detect if a patient is at risk of falling and send an alert notification to caregivers for immediate assistance.
【FAQ】- Why need smart fall detection for patient monitoring ?
Patient falls are one of the most significant events in hospitals and care facilities. In addition to falls among the elderly, those with conditions such as diabetes, hypoglycemia, or other illnesses may also have an increased risk of falling. Without immediate assistance, falls can lead to serious injuries or even death.
【FAQ】- How can fall detection help nursing staff in caring for patients ?
When a fall is detected, an alert message can be immediately sent to the nursing center to assist caregivers in quickly understanding the situation and providing the correct medical assistance during the critical golden hour to minimize potential injuries.
【FAQ】- What are the benefits of fall detection in patient care ?
The 3D depth-sensing camera can identify the status of people and objects in a de-identified manner without invading privacy. Therefore, it does not expose any personal information, making it safe to use, and it can be installed in more private spaces, such as the entrance to a bathroom.
【FAQ】- What kind of environments can benefit from using fall detection in monitoring ?
The fall detection system can not only be used in hospital wards but is also suitable for all healthcare systems, such as long-term care centers, employee rest areas, and other places. It can also be customized to meet specific site requirements. If you would like to learn more, please contact us, and we will get back to you immediately.
【FAQ】- How to set up and use smart fall detection ?
The fall detection system does not involve personal data and can be used in wards, restrooms, and stairwells. The detection device is compact and can be installed in limited-space environments or on the ceiling. For accurate detection, we recommend installing the 3D depth sensing camera at a height of 2.5 to 3m above the ground.

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