In-Vehicle Telematics Control Unit

ARM-Based TCU for advanced Fleet Management System

The importance of Telematics Control Unit

To manage a fleet is never to be easy. A Fleet Management System (FMS) includes management of vehicle, driver, cargo, plus related software applications and back end. To ensure real time communication between the vehicles and back end, the onboard Telematics Control Unit (TCU) is playing an important role in the whole system.

In the 2G era, most of the time, the vehicles were requested to transmit their GPS coordinates to the operation center. While in this 5G era, the applications for the fleet management system have become more advanced and complicated. When the fleet managers want to acquire real time information of their fleet and staff in a easiest way without maintaining multiple seperated systems, the requirements for the telematics control unit have increased.

With multiple high speed communication modules, various interfaces, as well as automotive-grade-complying component parts, the GIGABYTE Telematics Control Unit is a reliable and flexible platform for the FMS service providers to develop their ideal applications to maximize fleet operation efficiency, as well as to minimize operation costs. 


  • gpu
    System Flexibility

    Designed for multiple onboard devices communication and integration.

  • Compatibility

    Designed for working under harsh environments.

  • samrt_quick

    Designed for different types of advanced FMS applications.

The GIGABYTE In-Vehicle Telematics Control Unit
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