Qualcomm Solution for Inferencing

Leveraging the G292 design, the G292-Z43 is built for AI Inferencing applications with the Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 accelerator.

Efficient Inferencing with Qualcomm

The Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 achieves leading performance in throughput and latency while being as, or more, efficient as similar HHHL accelerators for smart edge processing. Additionally, the AI 100 shines with impressive efficiency in object detection and identification. This solution addresses the most important aspects of cloud AI inferencing—including low power consumption, scale, process node leadership, and signal processing expertise.

The GIGABYTE G292-Z43 was purpose-built for the AI 100 to support a high density of AI 100 cards. It also does so with optimal cooling that does not throttle performance. In the 2U chassis, it can support sixteen AI 100 cards and uses a dual AMD EPYC design. 

Why Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 & GIGABYTE server?

  • performance
    High Performance

    Up to 400TOPS per card and low-power consumption, 75W, from a single-slot GPU, the Qualcomm AI 100 provides a card for edge, telco, and datacenters.

  • gpu
    Dense Accelerated Computing

    Low-profile, HHHL, design allows for absurd GPU density using PCIe Gen4 lanes. The G292-Z43 supports up to 16 cards in x8 slots for high throughput.

  • save_money
    Great Savings

    Strong power efficiency translates into lowering TCO for edge and telco computing while the AI 100 is highly adaptable to environments.

  • high_efficiency
    Inference Efficiency

    MLPerf v1.1 benchmark showcased leading performance by the Cloud AI 100 in inferences/second/watt. And also leadership in offline inferences/second.

  • expansion
    Robust Software Tools

    Major frameworks supported natively. Over 50 ML models for computer vision and natural language processing. Also python for development.

  • Integration
    High Throughput

    G292-Z43 can support sixteen Gen4 x8 lanes for AI 100 cards, and for faster networking there are an additional two low-profile Gen4 x16 lanes.

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Telecommunication Visionary

In 1985 Qualcomm came to be, and made a big splash ten years later by developing Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), which has been adopted worldwide for networking from 3G to present day 5G. Since then Qualcomm has been a pioneer in creating software and services for wireless technology and continues to improve the way we communicate.