5G MEC Networking Platform

Quick Access and Easy Deployment Solution for 5G Infrastructure

To Think 5G, First Let There Be Edge

With the advent of 5G networking, speeds and content quantity will be incredible, and the response time will be instantaneous. However, 5G requires the technology to come closer to the user. A 5G Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) platform, based on GIGABYTE's server hardware, provides an effective way to support a new generation of 5G services such as eMBB for high bandwidth content streaming at amazing speeds, URLLC for mission critical jobs like autonomous driving, or mMTC for scaling a smart city IoT network.

Why 5G MEC Networking Platform

  • save_money
    Economic Feasibility

    Easily adoptable, reducing infrastructure capital and operating expenditures.

  • maintenance
    Network Maintainability

    Easily install network utilities in containers or VMs for agile deployment or deletion to achieve network slicing.

  • plan_Deployment
    Quick Deployment

    Compatible with multiple virtualization technologies for easy deployment of services.

  • save_time

    Application services can start dynamically when needed in fractions of a second and shut down when not in use.

  • connect
    Seamless Service

    Deploy repeated service utilities in containers or VMs to provide seamless service, as well as work with various cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, etc.

  • administrator
    Better User Experience

    Provide real-time service feedback of AIoT through MEC deployed at the edge, which can provide a better user experience.

Enhanced Mobile Broadband
Build up your advantages, leverage our expertise and find your 5G edge with GIGABYTE
Ultra-Reliable Low Latency Communications
Build up your advantages, leverage our expertise and find your 5G edge with GIGABYTE
Massive Machine Type Communications
Build up your advantages, leverage our expertise and find your 5G edge with GIGABYTE

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You May Be Curious

What is edge computing?
Edge computing is a type of computing network architecture, where computation is moved as close to the source of data as possible, in order to reduce latency and bandwidth use.
How does 5G iMEC network’s topology help reduce costs?
MEC is deployed to store, process and analyze massive data at the edge of a network to reduce network backhaul and cloud operation costs, such as swapping private lines for general internet access.
Why AIoT is driving the need for edge computing?
To make quick responses locally. Previously, complex decision making was handled at a central server. Through MEC computing and response in the near field, it reduces the data transfer time and provides a real-time AIoT experience.
Why is 5G important, compared to 4G?
It is a generational improvement. In general, 5G offers these benefits over 4G: 10x faster data rate, 50ms to 1ms latency, and 100x more capacity. This equates to a massive amount of fast moving data with virtually no lag.
Which GIGABYTE servers can be deployed as a MEC platform?
We offer a range of server solutions ideal to be used as a MEC platform. These range from compact edge server platforms such as the H242 series which can be deployed at base station towers, to larger and more powerful platforms such as the G291-series (G291-280 / G291-Z20) or the E251-U70 which feature GPU acceleration to be used for AR / VR or mobile gaming applications that can be deployed at aggregated edge data centers.

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