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Edge Computing
Edge Computing Flexible, Easy-to-Maintain Server Series Optimized for 5G Edge You May Be Curious Can I install my preferred components on a GIGABYTE server myself? ... ReturnUrl=%2f) and RMA repair applications ( through a local technical support hotline or on the GIGABYTE website What is edge computing? ... Edge computing is a type of computing network architecture, where computation is moved as close to the source of data as possible, in order to reduce latency and bandwidth use.
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AI Mobile Edge Computing Platform
ADCU3-100|Intel® ... Accelerator : Nvidia GPU / Intel® Movidius™ VPU|AI In-Vehicle ECU & ITS Edge Computing Platform Powerful Artificial Intelligence system with GPU/VPU accelerator Anti-vibration enhancement with key components soldered on board Endures wide range working temperature and harsh environment Rich and flexible I/O design for versatile peripherals support Easy expansion capabilities by FLEXIO slot to support customized requirement Various type of communication interfaces such as CAN, BT5.0, LTE(4G/5G), WIFI, C-V2X Equip with accuracy global satellite positioning (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, Bei Dou, etc.)
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GIGABYTE to Showcase 5G Mobile Edge Computing Server at MWC 2019
Taipei, ... For the show, GIGABYTE has collaborated with our partner ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) to build a live demonstration of their iMEC (Intelligent Mobile Edge Computing) cloud. iMEC is ITRI’s solution based on the concept of “MEC”: Mobile Edge Computing or Multi-Edge Access Computing, which plays a key role in the new generation of 5G networks. ... The H281-PE0 also features a large number of expansion slots – each node features three PCIe Gen3 x16 low profile expansion slots (one at the front and two in the rear) as well as an additional OCP mezzanine slot, making it extremely versatile and ideal to be utilized for 5G and edge computing - such as for a vEPC (Virtual Evolved Packet Core) server or a MEC (Mobile Edge Computing) server, or for a myriad other applications such as populating with GPGPU cards for inferencing or VGA cards for video transcoding. ▲ GIGABYTE'S H281-PE0 2U 4 NODE HYPER-CONVERGED SERVER SYSTEM To learn more about GIGABYTE’s hardware solutions for mobile edge computing, ITRI’s iMEC cloud technology and to experience virtual reality e-sports, please visit GIGABYTE during MWC 2019 at the Taiwan Pavilion, located at Hall 5, Stand 5A61, from Monday 25th until Thursday 28th of February from 9.00am until 7.00pm (until 4.00pm on Thursday).
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MWC Canceled, GIGABYTE Turns Its Exhibition Digital and Showcases Multi-access Edge Computing Infrastructure to Realize 5G Networks
MWC ... . ● GIGABYTE is to showcase products and solutions to enable business success from Edge to Cloud, exhibiting Edge computing and technologies that can be applied to different 5G scenarios. ● GIGABYTE is to present NVIDIA EGX platforms and AERO laptops for AI computing on the edge. ... GIGABYTE was originally scheduled to exhibit its edge computing products, as well as data center solutions to seize the 5G opportunities at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) held at the end of February.
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GIGABYTE PILOT: The Autonomous-Driving Control Unit at the Heart of Taiwan’s First Self-Driving Bus
Developed ... GIGABYTE PILOT, GIGABYTE Technology’s Autonomous-Driving Control Unit (ADCU), is the AI Mobile Edge Computing Platform at the heart of the autonomous vehicle. ... At the center of all this is the GIGABYTE PILOT, an Autonomous-Driving Control Unit (ADCU) that serves as the AI Mobile Edge Computing Platform that connects everything together.Glossary:《What is Telematics?》 ... 《What is Edge Computing?》
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GIGABYTE's G191-H44 Announced as Early NVIDIA EGX Edge Computing Platform Partner System
Taipei, Taiwan, 27th May 2019 - GIGABYTE is today proud to be a launch partner of NVIDIA EGX, an accelerated computing platform that enables companies to perform low-latency AI computing at the edge. GIGABYTE’s G191-H44 server equipped with NVIDIA T4 GPUs is one the first NVIDIA EGX computing platform's partner systems to be announced worldwide. ▲ GIGABYTE G191-H44 The rapid proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is creating an explosion in the volume of data. By 2025, it is predicted that there will be over 150 billion machine sensors and other connected IoT devices streaming continuous data that will need to be processed1. AI at the edge will enable organizations to use these massive amounts of data to create smart retail, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, and cities to provide engaging customer experiences. 1IDC White Paper sponsored by Seagate: Data Age 2025: The Digitization of the World from Edge to Core, November 2018. To enable companies to quickly and securely deploy AI at the edge, NVIDIA has introduced the EGX platform, featuring an ecosystem of partner systems optimized for AI and machine learning workloads, and which includes GIGABYTE’s G191-H44 GPU accelerated server integrated with NVIDIA AI technologies. One of the greatest challenges with deploying out of the edge is IT management – including edge server operating system installation, Kubernetes deployment, and device provisioning and updating. The EGX platform streamlines this entire process by providing a hardened software stack that makes production extremely turnkey for enterprises, integrating NVIDIA Edge Stack together with Red Hat’s OpenShift, the leading enterprise-grade Kubernetes orchestration platform. NVIDIA Edge Stack is an optimized software stack that includes NVIDIA drivers, a CUDA Kubernetes plug-in, a CUDA Docker container runtime, CUDA-X libraries and containerized AI frameworks and applications, including TensorRT, TensorRT Inference Server and DeepStream. ▲ NVIDIA TESLA T4 GPU CARD GIGABYTE is an industry leader in GPU accelerated servers, delivering systems with the highest GPU density combined with excellent cooling performance, power efficiency and deployment flexibility. The G191-H44 is a 1U server that offers many advantages common to GIGABYTE’s G-Series Product Family, including an airflow optimized design, large thermal envelope and superior expansion flexibility. As an NVIDIA EGX platform partner system validated as NVIDIA NGC-Ready, the G191-H44 has been designed to accommodate 4 x NVIDIA TeslaR T4 accelerators to deliver an “on-premises AI-cloud in a box”, ideal to be deployed as an edge server or as part of an edge micro data center. The G191-H44 can also be combined with NVIDIA’s TeslaR V100 Tensor Core accelerators for a centralized data center AI computing platform. Get started today deploying real-time AI at the edge with GIGABYTE’s G191-H44, an NVIDIA EGX platform system, which will be showcased together with other solutions for AI & cloud computing, 5G networking, software defined storage and liquid cooling in our booth at COMPUTEX 2019. GIGABYTE @ COMPUTEX 2019 Location: Booth S0512, 4th Floor, Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 2Date: Tuesday 28th May ~ Saturday 1st June For more information about GIGABYTE's G191-H44 NVIDIA EGX Platform, please email us directly at server.grp [at]