Broadcom Add-on Card Solutions

By utilizing Broadcom's industry leading controllers, GIGABYTE provides a variety of add-on cards optimized for GIGABYTE enterprise products. The solution covers both LAN cards and HBA/RAID cards, enabling the systems to handle exponentially increasing amount of data.

Accelerating data transfer with high efficiency and security

As the latest servers getting stronger in computing power and the amount of data processed in data centers exponentially increases, the add-on cards in server systems also play important roles in data centers. To alleviate the impact on system performance caused by data transfer, GIGABYTE provides multiple LAN cards and Storage cards equipped with Broadcom controllers that are specifically optimized for GIGABYTE server systems. Offering a secure, stable, and high-performant solution for massive amount of data transfer being expected in data centers.
GIGABYTE HBA and RAID cards are powered by the latest Broadcom SAS chips, connecting either 8 or 16 direct attached SATA/SAS drives and supporting RAID 5/6 on RAID cards. For maximum capacity of drives, expanders can be attached to support 32 to 240 SATA/SAS physical devices. This fits all range of use cases and budgets while keeping the capability for future expansion. An optional Broadcom CacheVault module can also be selected to prevent data loss for mission-critical applications.
LAN Cards
GIGABYTE LAN cards with Broadcom BCM57414 and BMC57416 NICs are equipped with the latest NIC partitioning (NPAR) that supports up to 16 physical functions (PFs), combined with TruFlow™ engine for intelligent flow processing to increase server VM density and accelerate vSwitch processing. The new end-to-end congestion avoidance and congestion management further help to anticipate and eliminate congestion before it happens. Including support for advanced networking technologies including RoCE, SDN, NFV, and virtualization. Along with ROM based silicon root of trust and TruManage™ technology featured on Broadcom controllers enhances server manageability and further improves security. This ensures energy efficient, stable, and protected communications between servers.
Flexible Configuration with PCIe and OCP 3.0 Add-on Cards
All GIGABYTE add-on cards are designed for various use cases, and come in either a low-profile PCIe type or OCP 3.0 type. Offering a complete lineup for all GIGABYTE Enterprise products, these add-on cards create flexible system configurations.
Storage Adapters
CSA4710HBA 8-port, low-profile
CSA4820HBA 16-port, low-profile
LAN Adapters
CLNCA12Dual 1Gb/s, OCP 3.0 NIC
CLNCB22Dual 10Gb/s, OCP 3.0 NIC
CLNCD42Dual 25Gb/s, OCP 3.0 NIC

Why choose GIGABYTE's Add-on Cards Solutions with Broadcom?

  • Compatibility

    Add-on cards are optimized for GIGABYTE server systems. Pre-tested components ensure an easy adoption in GIGABYTE systems.


    Equipped with the latest Broadcom controllers, GIGABYTE cards ensure data being transferred with low latency and minimum impact on CPU performance.

  • privacy

    With the adoption of features such as root of trust and write-back cache protection, data is secured from potential attacks or unexpected data losses.

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