AI Face Recognition - Smart Library System

Making AI an Integral Part of Campus Life
A Smart Upgrade for School Libraries
GIGABYTE facial recognition system is applied to the campus library. Through facial recognition to achieve access control, book borrowing and returning processes, to reduce the labor cost, and to solve the need for re-produce lost library cards and changing appearance. It not only increases the overall efficiency and fluency of borrowing and returning books, but also increases campus security and maximizes value.

Why Smart Library System ?

  • Support
    Increase the Convenience

    With the rapid identification of the facial recognition system, to reduce problems such as waiting time, labor cost, and increase the overall convenience.

  • costdown_savemoney
    Cost Reduction

    Solve the problem of making a library card again due to changes in appearance or lost cards. Reduce the labor and material costs of making a library card.

  • safe
    Protects Data Security

    Biometric data is protected with encryption algorithms, complying with security standards, and achieving both information and campus security.

  • face_ID

    Fake pictures / images or other fraud attempts will be prevented by AI-learning facial recognition algorithms.

  • Accuracy
    High Accuracy

    The accuracy of facial recognition is maintained via a built-in AI engine for optimal performance.

  • plan_Deployment
    Easy Integration

    Identification records can be integrated with a library system or other systems with a customized external API.

Smart Library System
Through the AI facial recognition device, children can check books out seamlessly in school, which only takes a few seconds. By making it easier to borrow books, we hope to help children enjoy reading from a young age.

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Further Reading

Taiwan's Ministry of Education is promoting AI learning. They want to reshape the school environment to make AI an integral part of students’ lives. In New Taipei, some elementary schools are installing GIGABYTE's AI-based facial recognition solution so students can check out books without a library card.
【FAQ】- How is AI applying in this solution?
AI Facial Recognition Solution features intelligent algorithms that continue to learn and grow, recording and continuously correcting as users accumulate physical changes. Only this kind of software capability can maintain the most accurate and rigorous identification standards.
【FAQ】- How is the accuracy performance of facial recognition?
Powered by the latest algorithm, the facial recognition system achieves 99.8% of the high accuracy of identification. False Acceptance Rate (FAR) is less than 0.0001%, and False Rejection Rate (FRR) is no more than 3%. Once a person stands 1.5 m from the lenses, the result of facial recognition will display on the screen at once within one second.
【FAQ】- How to maintain data safety and avoid hackers? Is there a restriction on the system architecture?
No photos are stored at edge device but users' facial features which are protected using special technology to encrypt that cannot be used by other software. D/B server data structure is accessed by a program that can not be decoded by D/B tools.
【FAQ】- Would there be a recognition issue if someone changed their hairstyle?
The facial features of a child may change drastically over the course. They might put on glasses, start wearing braces, and hairstyle changes. Our recognition algorithm will still recognize a registered user even if their facial features change. The system was designed to recognize a person by the features it extracted from all the previous recognition records.
【FAQ】- There are many products for facial recognition, what is the biggest difference between you and your competitors?
Our greatest advantage is that the whole set of systems is our own research and development and has a global support system. This means that we can quickly respond to any customer-oriented needs, whether it is a request in the front-end UI, a back-end integration with customer in-house systems, or any hardware-level modification, we can quickly communicate with the guest through the global support system and immediately respond.

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