Buyers Guide 2020: How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptop For Gaming and Livestreaming PART1

To ensure you choose the right model for your gaming and streaming needs we put together a guide to walk you through understanding the key components and features you need to consider to get the most out of your investment.
Whether you want a portable battle station or need to livestream on the go, choosing the right model is essential to get the performance you need. Ensuring you have the power and speed you need to show up and game hard is top of mind, but there’s more to a pro-level laptop that needs consideration. SPECs: Obviously, you want the best processor and graphics card you can slide into your budget, remember high-performance laptops aren’t just a substitute for a desktop anymore. Real pro-level gaming laptops are designed for peak performance and that means they are engineered to maximize performance. From the keyboards to the cooling system, display and chassis, genuine high performance laptops ensure reliability and stability. To ensure you choose the right model for your gaming and streaming needs we put together a guide to walk you through understanding the key components and features you need to consider to get the most out of your investment. Your gaming and streaming laptop should be equipped with the following:
Higher performance of RTX graphics card:
A powerful GPU is the key to faster gameplay. Today’s discrete GPU’s accelerate graphics and take the load off the CPU. This allows you to livestream and play even AAA titles lag and stutter free. (Learn more about GPU and CPU here.)
Better quality and faster display:
The better the display, the smoother the play. FHDs offer super smooth full immersion game play. The new standard high-performance display is 144Hz with a wide NTSC 72% color gamut, this means you have an easy on the eyes gaming experience. For an even richer and smoother experience the 240Hz panels offer you crystal clear details that give you the edge on the battlefield. The most important factor is ensuring you get better than 45% NTSC to avoid unnecessary eye strain.
A powerful cooling system:
What’s the point of having the best CPU and GPU if your laptop overheats? Beyond the lag and dropped clocks, overheating damages the internal components of your gaming laptop. You want to ensure you have a minimum of 5 heat sinks, and high powered fans to keep your pro-level gaming laptop cool, especially in the heat of battle.
A solid chassis and hinge design
Portability requires a durable chassis. Durability shouldn’t come at the price of mobility. Ensuring that the chassis is solid, aids with cooling, and has a sturdy hinge design is one of the factors to consider. It’s worth stretching your budget to get a metallic chassis, if those models are out of reach be sure to get a model with a sturdy hinge design.
A stronger CPU with at least 6 to 8 Cores
Heavy games need extra oomph and power, while the GPU accelerates graphics, there’s more to the game. Having a CPU with a minimum of 6 cores is essential to staying competitive. If you want to future proof as far forward as possible, 8 cores is the way to go giving you more options to play. Look for the Intel Core i7 to ensure the fastest, most powerful and reliable gaming play.
More Than Just Pretty Lights: RGB Keyboards
Not all RGB keyboards are created equal. From cheap light up keys to membrane keyboards with smooth responses and individual macro settings to mechanical key switches, keyboards are part of getting the edge over your opponent. Everyone has their personal preference on keyboards and today’s gaming laptops offer a range of options. Be sure to check out the quality of the keyboard, layout per preference and what kind of responsiveness the keys provide. Don’t let keys get in the way of your victory, make sure it’s the perfect fit for you!
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HDMI2.1: Unleashing the Full Potential of the RTX 30 with full support for 4K/120 Hz
2021 saw another powerful collaboration between GIGABYTE and Nvidia (a leader in graphics card manufacturing) in launching the RTX 30 series laptop GPUs. The latest generation of the RTX series achieves higher 3D operational performance and leads the field with a comprehensive range of connection ports, including the HDMI 2.1. Engineered with an eye to the future, the inclusion of the HDMI 2.1 port offers users a future forward laptop. Keep reading to discover the difference HDMI 2.1 makes in performance quality.
Buyers Guide 2020:   How to Choose the Best Gaming Laptop For Gaming and Live streaming PART 2
As an advanced gamer you know 144Hz is not good enough for your eyes, you demanded 240Hz/300Hz for smoother and faster performance and GIGABYTE answered. And yeah, you want battery life, no worries there, the AORUS series all comes with 94Wh of battery, which can extend the battery life over 6~7 hours.
GIGABYTE’s ARM Server Boosts Development of Smart Traffic Solution by 200%
A team of scientists at NTU has adopted GIGABYTE’s G242-P32 server and the Arm HPC Developer Kit to incubate a “high-precision traffic flow model”—a smart traffic solution that can be used to test autonomous vehicles and identify accident-prone road sections for immediate redress. The ARM-based solution gives the project a 200% boost in efficiency, thanks to the cloud-native processor architecture that “speaks” the same coding language as the roadside sensors, the high number of CPU cores that excel at parallel computing, the synergy with GPUs that enable heterogeneous computing, and the ISO certifications which make the resulting model easily deployable for automakers and government regulators alike.
CSR and ESG in Action: GIGABYTE Helps NCKU Train Award-Winning Supercomputing Team
GIGABYTE Technology is not only a leading brand in high-performance server solutions—it is also an active force for good when it comes to CSR and ESG activities. Case in point: in 2020, GIGABYTE provided four G482-Z50 servers to Taiwan’s Cheng Kung University. The servers were used to train a team of talented students, who went on to take first place in that year’s APAC HPC-AI Competition in Singapore. The parallel computing performance of the servers’ processors, the seamless connectivity between the servers, and the servers’ unrivalled reliability are the reasons why GIGABYTE servers are ideal for educating the next generation of supercomputing experts. GIGABYTE is happy to give back to society and contribute to human advancement through high tech solutions.