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  • What is a Render Farm?
    A render farm is an interconnected computing cluster that utilizes High Performance Computing (HPC) to create computer-generated imagery (CGI), typically used for visual effects in the entertainment industry. Since parallel computing allows each frame or tile to be rendered individually, distributed rendering makes it possible to produce large quantities of CGI in a relatively short period of time.

    For smaller animation studios, building an on-site render farm may be cost-prohibitive, so a cloud-based render farm may be set up to service multiple animators through high speed internet. The establishment of a cloud-based render farm is often a prerequisite for a successful and vibrant animation industry.

  • Why do you need it?
    Rendering high-resolution CGI takes a lot of processing power and can become a bottleneck. It may take hours to render a single image, or even months to render a feature-length animated film. Render farms can help offload or accelerate such tasks, freeing up valuable computer resources for much more productive and creative work.

    At every stage of a project, a render farm may be used to ensure the final product hews closely to the original vision. Here are some ways a render farm can be beneficial to animation studios, freelance content creators, and the show business in general.

    Conception: In addition to drawing a storyboard, the artist may quickly create high-quality preview renderings for presentation and discussion. Alternative versions of the same scene can be produced effortlessly, allowing for greater creative flexibility.

    Revision: Re-rendering can be done painlessly, without extending working hours or sacrificing quality. Being able to tweak and adjust finished products means you never have to compromise your vision.

    Completion: Once the final cut has been approved, the animation can be polished to perfection and made ready for screening in a shorter amount of time.

    The availability of easy-to-make, high-quality visual effects can also spur creativity in unexpected ways. For example, CGI may be merged with the performing arts to deliver a surreal mix between live performers and virtual projections.

  • How is GIGABYTE helpful?
    GIGABYTE's G-Series GPU Servers are highly recommended for render farms, since they can produce large quantities of high-quality CGI very quickly. Benefiting from our expertise in the fields of thermal and mechanical design, the G-Series leads the industry with some of the highest density GPU servers on the market, capable of using parallel computing to perform complex calculations and process large amounts of data. For cloud-based render farms, solutions such as G191-H44 not only feature low-latency performance characteristics and excellent internet connectivity, but also support 5G network infrastructure. The G-Series servers have been rigorously tested to ensure their performance and stability in high stress scenarios; reliability is not an issue, even with heavy workloads and long working hours.

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    NCHC and Xanthus Elevate Taiwanese Animation on the World Stage with GIGABYTE Servers
    Created by Greener Grass Production, the Taiwanese sci-fi mini-series “2049” has debuted on Netflix and various local TV channels. The animated spin-off “2049+ Voice of Rebirth”, crafted by Xanthus Animation Studio, will soon premiere on the streaming service myVideo. The CGI show was created with the NCHC Render Farm’s GIGABYTE servers, which employ top-of-the-line NVIDIA® graphics cards to empower artists with industry-leading rendering capabilities. The servers can take on multiple workloads simultaneously through parallel computing, and they boast a wide range of patented smart features that ensure stability and availability. With all it has going for it, “2049+ Voice of Rebirth” may garner enough attention to become the breakout hit that will introduce Taiwanese animation to international audiences.
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    How Can High Performance Computing Render Art and Imagination?
    In the 21st century, various breakthroughs in image creation and animation have been made using powerful computer graphics capabilities. Whether it is a perfect montage of virtual and real images, or exquisitely gorgeous visual effects, High Performance Computing (HPC) empowers artists using technological media to convey a wealth of ideas that will exceed your wildest imagination. Taiwan’s National Center for High-Performance Computing has adopted GIGABTYE’s GPU servers to provide the best computing performance capabilities possible for their Render Farm service.