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AORUS Memory DDR5 5200MHz 32GB Memory Kit, XMP 3.0, Selected High Quality Memory ICs, INTEL Z690 certified.

  • Memory Size :32GB Kit (2 x 16GB)
  • Frequency : DDR5-5200 MHz
  • Timing : 40-40-40-80 (XMP 5200MHz)
  • Performance Profile : XMP 3.0
  • Copper-aluminum composite heat spreaders with nano carbon coating to keep performance
  • Intel Z690 certificated
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comply with industrial standard JEDEC DDR5

* Please refer to support list for more detail
New Generation, New Experience
AORUS DDR5 5200MHz 32GB (2x 16GB) Memory Kit
Thrilling Performance and Quality Guaranteed
AORUS DDR5 memory deliver reliably fast DDR5-5200 memory speed, also bring the new experience of the latest XMP 3.0. Moreover, by utilizing Copper-aluminum composite with NanoCarbon heat spreader, there is no compromise when overclocking.

Offering higher performance, better bandwidth, and lower power consumption than DDR4 modules. AORUS DDR5 memory is a new evolution for all PC enthusiasts and extreme gamers.

Optimized Working Voltage, Better Energy Saving
AORUS DDR5 memory deliver ultra-fast speed. However, when running at similar frequency, AORUS DDR5 memory operate with lower power consumption as compared to DDR4.
Higher Stability & Greater Efficiency
1. 10-Layer PCB
All the 10-Layer PCB are conducted by strict quality control to make sure the stable performance.
2. On-die ECC
DDR5 memory module features new function, on-die ECC which allows to self-correct DRAM cell. On-die EEC brings reliability and makes your PC stable than before.
3. Power Management integrated circuit (PMIC)
The latest DDR5 modules are with built in Power Management integrated circuit (PMIC). It unlocks DDR5 voltage control, improving the overclocking performance and capability.
Copper-aluminum Composite with
NanoCarbon Heat Spreader
AORUS DDR5 memory adopts a new copper-aluminum composite material heat spreader. Combine the advantages of copper’s heat conduction and aluminum's heat dissipation, make sure no compromise when overclocking. Besides, with NanoCarbon coating, enhance passive thermal spreader when under ultra-high performance. The coating material covers the entire heat spreaders. In that way, heat is dissipated more quickly. High voltage may cause a memory peak over 70°C and failure. However, Copper-aluminum composite with NanoCarbon heat spreader, a dedicated design for DDR5, greatly helps to avoid any potential problem when overclocking; moreover, keep the temperature under 70°C.
1. NanoCarbon
2. Aluminum
For faster heat dissipation
3. Copper
For faster heat conduction
Lower Working Temperature by using Copper-aluminum composite with NanoCarbon heat spreader (Voltage: 1.35v)
AORUS DDR5 memory with heaksink
DDR5 module without heatsink
* The test result is based on internal testing for reference only, actual performance may vary under different circumstances.
Supports New XMP 3.0, Define Your Own XMP Profile
AORUS DDR5 memory module supports the latest XMP 3.0 specification, improves overclocking capabilities and profiles. Not only apply the pre-tune XMP profile, now, users can define and fine-tune their own XMP profiles, and save profiles into SPD ROM. Enjoy benefits from XPM 3.0 by AORUS DDR5 memory module.
Memory Composition
1. Copper-aluminum composite with NanoCarbon heat spreader
2. High quality memory IC
3. High quality PMIC IC for stable power
4. The heatsink is 2mm thick, improving the efficiency of heat dissipation.
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