GIGABYTE Launches Latest Ultra Durable VGA Card GV-N275UD-896H Graphics Accelerators
Ultra Stable; Ultra Cool

Taipei, Taiwan 04 02, 2009 –
New GIGABYTE In-House Design: Ultra Durable VGA Graphics Accelerator GV-N275UD-896H
GIGABYTE Technology Co. LTD., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today announced latest GIGABYTE in-house design GV-N275UD-896H with GIGABYTE unique technology Ultra Durable VGA. Built with NVIDIA's latest processors-GTX 275, GIGABYTE GV-N275UD-896H features 896 MB GDDR3 memory and 240 stream processors. In addition, GV-N275UD-896H is equipped with the latest NVIDIA SLI®, NVIDIA PureVideo® HD, NVIDIA PhysX™, NVIDIA CUDA™ technology and Microsoft DirectX 10. GV-N275UD-896H provides a sophisticated level of 3D game rendering and unrivaled performance to take your gaming experience to the next level.

GIGABYTE Unique Technology: Ultra Durable VGAGV-N275UD-896H features GIGABYTE innovative technology-Ultra Durable VGA, which can provide outstanding overclocking capability, lower GPU temperature, and excellent power efficiency. GIGABYTE unique technology Ultra Durable VGA features 2 oz copper PCB board, Samsung/Hynix memory, Japanese solid capacitor, Ferrite Core Chokes, and Low RDS (on) MOSFET. Compared with traditional graphics accelerators, Ultra Durable VGA graphics accelerators can lower GPU temperature by 5%~10%, decrease power switching loss by 10%~30%, and increase overclocking capability by 10%~30%. GIGABYTE Ultra Durable VGA graphics accelerators GV-N275UD-896H can provide truly “high-performance” and “green” graphic card resolutions.

Realistic Gaming ExperienceGIGABYTE GV-N275UD-896H supports NVIDIA PhysX technology which grants gamers realistic 3D gaming experience. In addition, GV-N275UD-896H features NVIDIA CUDA technology to accelerate the most demanding system tasks, delivering incredible performance improvements over traditional CPUs. Integrated with unique NVIDIA SLI® Technology, GIGABYTE GV-N275UD-896H is able to offer amazing performance, scaling for the world’s fastest gaming solution under Windows Vista with solid, state-of-the-art drivers. GIGABYTE GV-N275UD-896H integrated with NVIDIA PureVideo® HD technology enables gamers to enjoy ultimate HD Movie experience on a PC with HDCP image protection.

New GV-N275UD-896H is GIGABYTE in-house design and features with Ultra Durable VGA. With high quality components such as 2 oz PCB, tier 1 Samsung/Hynix memory, Japanese solid capacitor, Ferrite Core Chokes, and Low RDS (on) MOSFET, GIGABYTE Ultra Durable VGA graphics accelerator GV-N275UD-896H offers gamers reliability and unrivaled gaming experience.

GIGABYTE Unique Technology: Ultra Durable VGA 5 High Quality Components
1. 2 oz Copper PCB
2 oz copper PCB board doubles the copper inner layer of pCB board and provides unrivaled performance compared with traditional 1 oz PCB board.

2. Tier 1 Samsung and Hynix Memory
Ultra Durable VGA promises 1st tier Samsung/Hynix memory built with 100% fully testing

3. Japanese Solid Capacitor
Solid capacitors contain a solid organic polymer, while electrolytic capacitors use a common liquid electrolyte. Our cards use Japanese solid capacitors made by leading Japanese manufactures and offer better electronic conductivity for unrivaled performance.

4. Ferrite Core Chokes
Ferrite core chokes are comprised of a compound of iron-oxide whose properties hold energy much longer than common iron-core chokes at high frequency. They are able to store energy longer and prevent rapid energy loss at high frequency.

5. Low RDS (on) MOSFET
Lower RDS(on) MOSFETs are specially designed to produce lower switching resistance for faster electric current charging and discharging.

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