How to fix corrupt BIOS ROM with BIOS Switch (BIOS_SW)?

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Please follow below procedure to fix corrupt BIOS ROM that not physically damaged:
  1. Turn off the computer.
  2. Adjust SB switch to Single BIOS mode.
  3. Adjust BIOS switch (BIOS_SW) to the functional BIOS.
  4. Boot up the computer and enter BIOS mode to load BIOS default setting.
  5. Adjust BIOS Switch (BIOS_SW) to the non-working BIOS.
  6. Flash the BIOS by using Q-Flash.
  7. Reboot and confirm if BIOS is working.
  8. Shut down the computer and adjust BIOS Switch (BIOS_SW) to original BIOS.
  9. Boot up the computer and confirm BIOS are working properly.
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