GIGABYTE Introduces GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1050 Graphics Card Lines

Geared for next-gen gaming with complete graphics arsenal

Taipei, Taiwan, October 18, 2016 – GIGABYTE, the world’s leading premium gaming hardware manufacturer, today introduced both GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1050 graphics cards based on the Pascal GP107 core architecture. Equipped with 4GB of 128-bit GDDR5 memory, GIGABYTE GTX 1050 Ti series comes in 4 models with enthusiast’ favored G1 GAMING edition leading the charge, followed by the WINDFORCE OC edition, the dual-fan OC edition, and the single-fan D5 edition. The GTX 1050 lineup will feature 2GB of GDDR5 memory and offered in the same 4 variants as well. The vast array of graphics arsenal is set to provide gamers with maximum performance for diverse PC build requirements at various budget ranges.

GTX 1050 Ti / GTX 1050 G1 GAMING
Powered by the Super Overclocked GPU, the G1 GAMING edition ups the ante with hefty overclocks right out of the box, together with the signature WINDFORCE cooling and RGB Illumination for gamers who crave superior cooling and boost in performances with style. Through GIGABYTE’s GPU Gauntlet Sorting technology, the top-notch GPU cores built in the G1 GAMING cards push overclocking capability to the limit without compromising the system reliability. The ultra-durable components augmented with 4+1 phase design make the MOSFET working at a lower temperature to provide more stable voltage output for superior overclocking.

The WINDFORCE 2X cooling system incorporates dual 90mm alternate-spinning fans with the unique blade design and 2 composite copper heat pipes in direct touch to the GPU, keeping the card cool and quiet even when aggressively overclocked. Fans are regulated during low power gaming; an LED fan indicator provides a user-friendly, instant display of the fan status.

The G1 GAMING cards allow for unique styling with their customizable RGB and lighting effects using the newly developed XTREME Engine utility software. At rear, the stylish metal back plate adds rigidity and protection to the cards. On the output side, the cards have a total of 3 HDMI ports in addition to a DVI-D port and a DisplayPort to provide more flexible multi-display connectivity.

Fitted with a solid back plate, the sleek-looking WINDFORCE OC edition runs sufficiently cool in silence with the help of WINDFORCE 2X cooling system, featuring two semi-passive 90mm fans, a pure copper composite heat pipe with direct touch to GPU, and unique blade fan design. Alternate spinning fans optimize airflow, reducing turbulence to a minimum.

The cards are reinforced with ultra-durable components with 4+1 phase design make the MOSFET working at a lower temperature to provide more stable voltage output for remarkable overclocking. Via the intuitive interface of XTREME Engine utility, gamers can enjoy enhanced gaming right away with a simple click of the button to overclock the card without the hassle of any manual adjustment. The 3 HDMI ports make multi-display configurations accessible with more flexibility.

GTX 1050 Ti / GTX 1050 OC
Performance accelerated with minimum power requirement, the OC edition provides an outstanding boost in graphics without any auxiliary power connector. The cards incorporate the WINDFORCE 2X cooling system, featuring dual 80mm fans with the unique blade fan design, to deliver an effective heat dissipation capacity for higher performance at lower temperatures. The semi-passive cooling ensures the fans remain turned off at idle or low load, letting gamers enjoy light gaming in complete silence.

GTX 1050 Ti / GTX 1050 D5
The power-efficient D5 edition does not require external power, while delivering impressive overclocked performance over the reference design. Cooled by a custom-designed 90mm fan, coupled with the optimized air flow cover and aluminum base, the cards can dissipate heat effectively from the GPU while keeping the fan operating at a lower speed with less noise. The fan is also regulated as the system is running light or idle.

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