While installing drivers from the motherboard driver CD/DVD, why does system show “Found New Hardware Wizard” or stop installing?

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Here is the recommended procedure when using Xpress install to install drivers for your system.
  1. After install operating system, please install drivers from motherboard driver CD/ DVD. Please insert the driver CD/DVD into system optical disk drive; the Xpress install window will pop up automatically. Please press the Xpress Install button to continue the process. (Please refer to picture 1 as below)
  2. The reason that percentage bar stops is that system need to take some time to load the driver files from CD/ DVD. Therefore, the percentage bar will stop progressing for a while. It is normal behavior. (Please refer to picture 2 as below)
  3. Please do not click the “Cancel” or “Next” button while the “Found New Hardware Wizard” window display. Also, please do not close the installation window or eject driver CD/ DVD at this moment. Please wait for three to five minutes until installation finish. Otherwise the installation may not able to complete successfully. Sometimes may even have to re-install the whole operating system. (Please refer to picture 3 as below)
  4. After waiting for three to five minutes, the installation will display a window shows “Please reboot your computer!”. (Please refer to picture 4 as below) Please click this button than restart system. The drivers will be installed successfully after system restart.
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