No More Waiting, the 815 is Here GIGABYTE Introduces Intel 815 ATX Socket 370 motherboard, GA-6OXM7

GIGABYTE Introduces Intel 815EATX Socket 370 motherboard,GA-6OXM7E
June 5, 2000, Taipei, Taiwan – Gigabyte TechnologyCo., Ltd. ( today announcesGA-6OXM7E motherboard. Designed for the universalsocket 370 CPU, this motherboard is based on thenew Intel 815E chipset. Intel 815E chipset supportsmany new features, like 133MHz FSB (Front SideBus), PC 133 SDRAM, 4X AGP, ATA 100, 4 USBsupport, CNR (Communication Networking Riser)slot, and integrated graphics.

In addition to these advanced features alreadysupported by Intel 815E chipset, there is also manynew functions in GA-6OXM7E to meet yourrequirement from now till future. These improvements are PC 99 color coded I/Oconnector, LDCM, hardware monitoring, adjustable CPU core voltage, andvariable front side bus speed setting via EasyTune III utility, Besides, @ BIOS(Internet BIOS live-update under Windows OS), smart card reader connector tosupport GSM phone book editor utility could make your life easier and happier. Bythe way, you could also upgrade your graphics acceleration through on board AGP4X slot. For cooperate users who require LAN function, GA-6OXM7E is the idealsolution. With its CNR slot, you can accommodate CNR LAN card with Intel LANchip. Moreover, the GA-6OXM7E provides amazing flexibility as well. Customerscould choose optional on board Intel Kinnereth chip to have LAN function easily.With all these advanced features on the Gigabyte GA-6OXM7E motherboard, itgives you the future computing power in today.

GA-6OXM7E supports 133MHz system clock (with ability to adjust the voltage andset the system bus up to much higher frequency via utility) for Intel FC-PGAPentium III family Processor chips from 500MHz all the way up to 1GHz. TheGA-6OXM7E has main bus clock speed of 66/100/133 MHz, and the clockmultiplier is from 3.0 / 3.5 /4.0 / 4.5 / 5.0/ 5.5 all the way up to 9.5. On thismotherboard it has 4 sockets to support 133MHz 168 pin SDRAM memory modulefrom 32MB up to 512MB. To go on, there are one 4X AGP slot with retentionmechanism (to keep your AGP card from popping out during shipping) for yourdemanding 3D Video application or an AIMM display cache expansion. It supports2 UDMA/ 100 IDE ports (up to 4 Ultra ATA 100 devices) and four USB ports (twoin the rear panel andtwo in the front side by optional USB cable) to satisfy all your demand ofextensions.

This board provides 3 fans with speed detection function, 1 CPU fan, 1 powersupply fan, and 1 case fan. There is a sensor under and in contact with theprocessor, which will detect the temperature of the CPU and report it back to theCMOS for your information. You can set the limitation of temperature and once thetemperature is higher than your setting, there is an alarm to remind you. Inaddition to the CPU temperature, the power supply voltage, CPU voltage, and therotation speed of fan can also be detected. All this information not only can befound inside the CMOS setting, but also displayed under Windows 95/98 andWindows NT by running Gigabyte's utility or Intel's LDCM (LANDesk ClientManager). With all the above monitoring functions added to this board, you neverhave to worry about your system will fail due to hardware issue.