Extrame Performance, Outstanding Graphics GIGABYTE's GV-R955128D and GV-R955128T

2004. 05. 11
GIGABYTE Technology Co. announces the release of its much-anticipated new graphics accelerator, the GV-R955128D and GV-R955128T to the mainstream market. Based on ATI's highly acclaimed Radeon 9550 VPU with 128MB DDR, the GV-R955 series boasts a superior graphics architecture, amazing high–resolution 3D graphics and sophisticated real-time visual rendering.
The GV-R955 series is based on the ATI Radeon 9550 platform, built on 0.13micron process technology for higher levels of integration and greater operating clock speeds. The GV-R955 series is designed with four parallel rendering pipeline architecture that enables processing of up to 2.0 billion pixels per second to deliver instantaneous, vibrant, high quality images. As well, excellent 3D graphics performance is also provided by 128-bit / 64-bit full floating point precision, enabling billions of color variations to produce the same lighting and effects as Hollywood studios. 2.0 Pixel Shader support, FSAA (full scene anti—aliasing) and anisotropic filtering can all be attained with the advanced SMARTSHADER 2.0 and SMOOTHVISION 2.1 technology to guarantee the sharpest and clearest textures without sacrificing frame rates. With a dual geometry engine delivers, unmatched shader performance, provided stunning visual images at amazing speed. The GV-R955 series offers an outstanding performance with a score: of 2,179 on "3Dmark 2003" to nearly ATI's Radeon 9600 SE series, but at a highly competitive pricing that is sure to attract many users.
The GV-R955 series has the latest Microsoft® DirectX® 9.0 and OpenGL® feature sets for a range of game playability and includes VIDEOSHADER™ technology to provide users with true digital entertainment with smoother looking, higher quality content Internet video streaming. As well, innate DVI support (GV-R955128D only) ensures high-fidelity graphics output from your digital monitor and an integrated TV encoder provides TV-out functionality to allow users to display images from the graphics accelerator directly to their television set.
GIGABYTE not only seeks to offer its millions of customers a complete range of high-end graphics solutions, but also affordability of purchase, with "PowerDVD5.0" software added for complete media entertainment. With such compelling benefits and added value, it's easy to get in the game with GIGABYTE's GV- R955 series. The GV-R955 series, with its powerful functions and the appealing value is sure to gain popularity in the mainstream market.

GIGABYTE RADEON 9550 family Specifications: