• What is it?
    Officially abbreviated as PCIe or PCI-e, PCI Express stands for Peripheral Component Interconnect Express. It is the latest generation of high-speed computer expansion bus standards that serves as the common motherboard interface between the processors and other key components, including graphics cards, hard disks, SSDs, and Ethernet connections. To ensure manufacturers can follow the same universal industry standards, an association of companies known as PCI-SIG is responsible for updating and maintaining PCIe specifications.

  • Why do you need it?
    The powerful processing power of CPUs and accelerator cards would be wasted if data transmission between them was not fast enough. Therefore, PCIe needs to offer high throughout to enable faster transmissions. A smaller physical footprint is preferable as servers become more compact and space on the motherboard becomes more limited. Other functions, such as a hot-swappable feature and smart error diagnosis and reporting mechanisms, go a long way towards making sure the entire system operates smoothly.

    The latest iteration of PCIe is Gen 4.0. When choosing your server solution, it is beneficial to choose motherboards and processors that support the newest PCIe standards.

  • How is GIGABYTE helpful?
    Powered by the latest processors, GIGABYTE servers support PCIe 4.0 with a bandwidth of 64GB/s, twice that of PCIe 3.0. The PCIe 4.0 standard supports a 16 GT/s bit rate, which is roughly 2GB/s per single lane, compared to the 8GT/s bit rate provided by PCIe 3.0 (1GB/s). By doubling the bandwidth available from the CPU to other components such as graphics cards, storage devices, and high-speed network cards, servers can be used for high performance computing (HPC) and parallel computing, which are often necessary to develop new technologies based on big datadeep learningheterogeneous computing, etc.







    GIGABYTE’s ARM Server Boosts Development of Smart Traffic Solution by 200%
    A team of scientists at NTU has adopted GIGABYTE’s G242-P32 server and the Arm HPC Developer Kit to incubate a “high-precision traffic flow model”—a smart traffic solution that can be used to test autonomous vehicles and identify accident-prone road sections for immediate redress. The ARM-based solution gives the project a 200% boost in efficiency, thanks to the cloud-native processor architecture that “speaks” the same coding language as the roadside sensors, the high number of CPU cores that excel at parallel computing, the synergy with GPUs that enable heterogeneous computing, and the ISO certifications which make the resulting model easily deployable for automakers and government regulators alike.
    CSR and ESG in Action: GIGABYTE Helps NCKU Train Award-Winning Supercomputing Team
    GIGABYTE Technology is not only a leading brand in high-performance server solutions—it is also an active force for good when it comes to CSR and ESG activities. Case in point: in 2020, GIGABYTE provided four G482-Z50 servers to Taiwan’s Cheng Kung University. The servers were used to train a team of talented students, who went on to take first place in that year’s APAC HPC-AI Competition in Singapore. The parallel computing performance of the servers’ processors, the seamless connectivity between the servers, and the servers’ unrivalled reliability are the reasons why GIGABYTE servers are ideal for educating the next generation of supercomputing experts. GIGABYTE is happy to give back to society and contribute to human advancement through high tech solutions.
    The Advantages of ARM: From Smartphones to Supercomputers and Beyond
    Processors based on the ARM architecture, an alternative to the mainstream x86 architecture, is gradually making the leap from mobile devices to servers and data centers. In this Tech Guide, GIGABYTE Technology, an industry leader in high-performance server solutions, recounts how ARM was developed. We also explain the various benefits of ARM processors and recommend ARM servers for different sectors and applications.
    NCHC and Xanthus Elevate Taiwanese Animation on the World Stage with GIGABYTE Servers
    Created by Greener Grass Production, the Taiwanese sci-fi mini-series “2049” has debuted on Netflix and various local TV channels. The animated spin-off “2049+ Voice of Rebirth”, crafted by Xanthus Animation Studio, will soon premiere on the streaming service myVideo. The CGI show was created with the NCHC Render Farm’s GIGABYTE servers, which employ top-of-the-line NVIDIA® graphics cards to empower artists with industry-leading rendering capabilities. The servers can take on multiple workloads simultaneously through parallel computing, and they boast a wide range of patented smart features that ensure stability and availability. With all it has going for it, “2049+ Voice of Rebirth” may garner enough attention to become the breakout hit that will introduce Taiwanese animation to international audiences.
    Menggunakan GIGABYTE, NIPA Cloud Terkemuka Diantara Raksasa CSP di Thailand
    NIPA Cloud merupakan penyedia layanan cloud publik dan pribadi terkemuka di Thailand. Mereka telah menggunakan beberapa GIGABYTE R-Series Rack Servers untuk mendukung peluncuran layanan barunya: NIPA Enterprise Public Cloud. Dilengkapi processor AMD EPYC™ yang kuat dengan fungsi manajemen yang cerdas, server GIGABYTE meningkatkan performa, ketersediaan, dan efisiensi daya yang dapat membantu NIPA Cloud bersaing dengan beberapa CSP terbesar di dunia, seperti AWS, GCP, dan Microsoft Azure.
    What is a Server? A Tech Guide by GIGABYTE
    In the modern age, we enjoy an incredible amount of computing power—not because of any device that we own, but because of the servers we are connected to. They handle all our myriad requests, whether it is to send an email, play a game, or find a restaurant. They are the inventions that make our intrinsically connected age of digital information possible. But what, exactly, is a server? GIGABYTE Technology, an industry leader in high-performance servers, presents our latest Tech Guide. We delve into what a server is, how it works, and what exciting new breakthroughs GIGABYTE has made in the field of server solutions.
    Spain’s IFISC Tackles COVID-19, Climate Change with GIGABYTE Servers
    By using GIGABYTE, Spain’s Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Physics and Complex Systems is pitting the world’s foremost server solutions against some of the world’s most pressing issues, including the effects of climate change, the effects of pollution, and the COVID-19 pandemic. GIGABYTE servers are up to the diverse and daunting tasks, because they are designed for high performance computing, intensive numerical simulations, AI development, and big data management.