Does it support AHCI function? If so, how to run it with Windows XP?

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Yes, it supports AHCI. Please follow the instruction below:
  1. Update BIOS to latest version and Load Optimized.
  2. Go to BIOS setting > [Integrated Peripherals] > [SATA AHCI Mode] and select [AHCI].
  3. Copy F6 preinstall driver to a floppy disk from either driver DVD or driver page. If you use driver DVD, you can find driver in this file directory: \BootDrv\iRST\32Bit or 64Bit.
  4. During Windows XP installation procedure, press [F6] when you see this message: "Press F6 if you need to install a 3rd party SCSI or RAID driver".
  5. Then press [S] to enter driver selection page.
  6. When you see the following screen, please select [Intel(R) Desktop/Workstation/Server Express Chipset SATA AHCI Controller] and press [Enter].

  7. Press [Enter] when you see driver confirmation page and it will load AHCI driver from floppy disk to proceed Windows installation.
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