GIGABYTE Announces :GA-7DXR+ The Upgrade Edition of GA-7DXR Worldwide Unprecedented AMD series platform supporting ATA133 and USB 2.0

Ahead of manufacturers announces GA-7DXR+ withATA133 IDE RAID+ USB 2.0
Since the launch of GA-7DXR motherboard with AMD761™+DDR solution, it has been thrust into the limelight andacclaimed good remarks from consumers. This time round,Gigabyte ahead of competitors announces the advancetechnology of upgrade edition GA-7DXR+ motherboard.GA-7DXR+ features AMD 761™ DDR Chipset, supportsATA133 IDE RAID and latest USB2.0 interface. RAID 0(Striping) and RAID 1 (Mirroring) offers a powerfulalternative meets your entire requirements. The industrystandard USB2.0 work at data transfer speeds of up to480Mbps (USB1.1 work at data transfer speeds of 12Mb),increase the efficiency on peripherals usage.

Support Athlon XP, DDR (double date rate) technologyand Windows® XP
GA-7DXR+ features AMD 761™ Chipset, supports latestAMD Athlon™ /Athlon™ XP /Duron™ FSB 200/266 MHzprocessor. Three DDR slots are provided supporting up to3GB PC1600/DDR200 or PC2100/DDR266 memory size.DDR (double data rate) technology synchronizes data readand write, potentially doubling the data transmission bandwidth. The high bandwidth DDRtechnology makes the GA-7DXR+ a best platform for workstation, server and high-end desktop PCsolution. In addition, GA-7DXR+ also supports the next-generation Microsoft! Windows® XP,dramatically boost the full-featured graphics and multimedia solutions to deliver the optimal userexperience.

Gigabyte patented EasyTuneIII™ , @BIOS™ and DualBIOS™
Gigabyte patented EasyTuneIII™ , @BIOS™ and DualBIOS™ are available for GA-7DXR+, makethe overclocking and BIOS update in a breeze under Windows mode. EasyTuneIII™ is aWindow-based overclocking utility, allows you simply tweak their system to its maximum performancewithout change BIOS or hardware setting. The amazing @BIOS™ live update utility allows you todownload the BIOS via Internet and update it under Windows mode, without reboots your system.DualBIOS™ technology providing backup BIOS, reducing the chances of BIOS failure due to infectionby virus and enabling the desktop PC as stable as server.

Onboard Creative CT5880 HW sound
GA-7DXR+ includes an on board Creative CT5880 H/W digital sound that enables great soundexperience even without purchasing an add-on audio card.

High expandability - support eight USB connectors and maximum up to eight hard drives
GA-7DXR+ supports eight USB connectors, consists of four USB 2.0 and four USB1.1 interface.The retail package comes with four USB 2.0 extension cables, allows connecting with new andexciting USB devices, such as digital cameras, modems, PDAs, printers and etc. With the capabilityto support four UDMA ATA-133 and four ATA-100 IDE mode, allows supporting one to eight harddrives and other IDE devices.

Other features
The other admirable configuration consisted of one AGP Pro slot, one AMR slot and five PCI slots.Other features also included IrDA transmission interface, hardware monitor, STR (sustain to RAM)and keyboard and mouse wake up function.
GA-7DXR+ is the worldwide first motherboard features ATA133 and USB2.0. Equipped with theabove-mentioned spectacular features and commendable design, GA-7DXR+ is definitely yourperfect choice for AMD and DDR platform solution.