GIGABYTE brings three solutions for future data center to OCP Virtual Summit 2020


May 1st 2020, Taipei Taiwan – GIGABYTE, a leading manufacturer of motherboards, graphic cards and servers, welcomes you to OCP Virtual Summit 2020 to discover the latest solutions for future data centers. Over the past few years, GIGABYTE has developed and launched a series of products, RACKLUTION-OP, based on OCP Open Rack Standards and SSI hardware specifications, including main circuit boards, mechanism design, cooling and power systems that support a wild range of configurations and computing unit types in order to create more efficient, flexible and scalable data centers.

In terms of utilization efficiency and energy consumption, it has become clear that “disaggregation” is an alternative configuration of future data centers where compute and storage are separated resource blades that interconnected via a network fabric. At this year OCP Virtual Summit, GIGABYTE, hence introduce NVMe over Fabric storage solutions for disaggregated data centers, S260-NF0 & S260-NF1

S260-NF0 and S260-NF1
This Just a Bunch of Flash (JBOF) would not only be a key element of next generation Software-Defined- Storage (SDS) systems but with 6 Western Digital Onyx NVMeOF controllers, the system can achieve up to 16M IOPS/ 65 Gbps also. To support mission-critical applications, the 24 dual channel SSDs loaded in S260-NF1 can be optionally connected to either a host controller or two hosts via PCIe switches, allowing the system to address critical redundancy and failover, effectively protecting against any single path failure.

MP32-AR0 GIGABYTE’s 3rd generation ARM server motherboard
It is designed to accommodate the cloud native ARM processor, Ampere™ Altra™ processor which offers up to 80 cores at up to 3.0 GHz speed with sustained turbo performance, delivering predictable performance. It is unquestionable that 80 cores packed in a single socket would establish a new level of power efficiency and performance for data centers of the future.

RACKLUTION-OP TO22-Z61 with ZutaCore Direct-on-Chip Cooling Solutions
GIGABYTE Technology and ZutaCore, a two-phase, liquid cooling company, have announced our partnership to bring to market our first pre-configured Cooled-by-ZutaCore GIGABYTE Servers, TO22-Z61.

GIGABYTE’s RACKLUTION-OP compute node TO22-Z61 supports dual AMD EPYC 7001 processors with three expansion slots that support PCIe 3.0. It can be installed in any rack that meets OCP standards, and provides the computing performance of 6 EPYC processors in a 2OU chassis. RACKLUTION-OP is easy-to-integrate solutions that combine high level of performance, energy efficiency and overall reliability for the most demanding server applications. ZutaCore’s HYPERCOOL™ technology provides innovative direct-on-chip evaporative cooling by using a small volume of dielectric fluid, and a two-phase boiling and condensation process to push the boundaries of cooling to overcome the challenges of server hot aisle and edge computing. It It efficiently moves large amount of heat off and away efficiently move large amounts of heat off and away from any processors or servers today, as well as those envisioned for next generation of data centers.

Welcome to explore all the solutions and live chat is available for any questions and queries at GIGABYTE’s booth. By May 12th 2020, GIGABYTE booth at OCP Virtual Summit will be accessible. Please register first here. For further enquiries or assistance please contact us through