How to configure and setup a Hybrid CrossFireX System?

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Please make sure that your system meets the minimum requirements listed below:
  1. Windows Vista 32/64 or XP 32/64(For Windows XP, please must install Catalyst 8.8 or later)
  2. External ATi Radeon HD 2400/3400 series VGA card.

Please then proceed with the following instructions:

  1. Install ATi Radeon HD 2400/3400 series VGA card on your motherboard and connect the monitor to onboard VGA.
  2. Enter BIOS setup and make sure that both of below listed BIOS setting are changed : ( Please refer to user manual for the details)
    1. UMA Frame Buffer size :256MB
    2. Init Display First:Onboard
  3. After installing ATi Catalyst Driver (Catalyst includes VGA driver and control center) under Windows Vista, please enable CrossFire setting under ATi control center.
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