My motherboard’s bios is ACPI compliant and I am also using ATX power supply. How do I setup my system so it automatically shutdown without showing “"It is Now Safe to Turn Off Your Computer" message on screen before powering off when using Windows 98 (First Edition)

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1. If you are trying to install Windows 98, please type in this command “setup /PJ” to execute installation of OS. “PJ” command will enable ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) function of Win98.

2. If Windows 98 has already been installed on your system, please open device manager then select “System Device” double click “Advanced Power Management” you will see an option “Update Device Driver”. Please choose “ACPI” and follow the setup message on screen to finish installation. After installation, please restart system to apply changes. Please note that the OS may not boot up after the changes made, Gigabyte will not guarantee any results after changing the settings.
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