Spare Your Concerns Over Upgrading Storage

The amount of data collected by a business after a long period of operation can be considerable. Data is often stored on different media types or in different storage systems, creating “storage islands” that make this data difficult to be utilized and shared. Traditional storage systems are also limited by a “scale-up” architecture – whenever a company wants to increase their capacity above the limit of their existing systems, they need to invest a huge amount of money to purchase a new proprietary storage device. Network administrators and employees also need to endure the inconvenience of migrating and converting data to the new system. For industries such as broadcasting or video surveillance that need to store terabytes or petabytes of high resolution video, storage capacity expansion is a deeply troubling issue. 《Glosssary: What is Scale Out?

GIGABYTE offers a new solution for your storage headaches with VirtualStor, using our S461-3T0 high capacity storage server as a hardware base. VirtualStor is a software-defined storage platform that supports a variety of different mainstream storage types such as block, object and file storage, allowing network administrators to easily integrate legacy storage systems and eliminate storage islands. GIGABYTE offers three choices of VirtualStor for different usage needs: VirtualStor Scaler for high capacity scale out storage, Converger for hyper-converged IT systems, and Extreme, which is optimized for all-flash storage media to offer ultra-high performance IOPS and throughput. Eliminate your storage headaches today with GIGABYTE’s VirtualStor storage solution.

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《Glossary: What is Scale Up?
《Understand More About GIGABYTE's "VirtualStor™ Scaler"
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