GIGABYTE Enables Support for Intel® Next-Gen CPUs

GIGABYTE’s 100 Series Motherboards Compatible with a BIOS Update

Taipei, Taiwan, October 28th, 2016 – GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, is proud to announce support for Intel’s next-generation LGA 1151 socket processors. Compatibility for the entire line-up of Z170, H170, B150 and H110 series motherboards are available with a simple BIOS update.
With multiple ways to update a GIGABYTE Motherboard users can rest at ease knowing that this update can be completed with little to no effort. One popular method for users to flash the BIOS would be to leverage the world renowned Q-Flash, this feature directly in the BIOS allows users to flash the firmware from a USB drive after they’ve downloaded the most updated BIOS into the flash drive.
Another alternative for users, if using a flagship motherboard such as the Z170X-Gaming G1 would be to flash their BIOS with Q-Flash Plus, allowing users to do so without the need to have the CPU or memory installed. These BIOS updates can be downloaded from the GIGABYTE website for users to flash on to their 100 series motherboards.
GIGABYTE engineers have tested and validated all GIGABYTE 100 series motherboards to ensure users will have optimal performance and compatibility for the latest Intel® Core™ Processors.
For BIOS update information please visit the GIGABYTE Website or see the table below.
GA-Z170X-Gaming 7 GA-Z170XP-SLI GA-Z170X-Ultra Gaming GA-Z170X-Gaming 3
GA-Z170X-Gaming 5 GA-Z170-HD3P GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 GA-Z170N-WiFi
GA-Z170M-D3H GA-H170-D3H GA-Z170X-Gaming 6 GA-Z170X-UD3 Ultra
GA-Z170X-UD3 GA-Z170-D3H GA-Z170-HD3 GA-Z170N-Gaming 5
GA-Z170-Gaming K3 GA-Z170X-UD5 GA-H170-Gaming 3 GA-H170-D3H
GA-H170N-WiFi GA-B150-HD3 GA-B150M-D3V GA-B150M-HD3
GA-B150M-D3H GA-B150-HD3P GA-B150N Phoenix-WiFi GA-B150M-DS3P
GA-H110M-A GA-H110M-S2V GA-H110M-S2PT GA-H110M-DS2
GA-H110M-S2 GA-H110M-D3H GA-H110M-S2H GA-H110M-S2PV
GA-H110M-H GA-H110M-S2PH GA-H110M-WW GA-H110M-HD2
GA-H110M-S2HP GA-H110N GA-H110M-Gaming 3 GA-H110TN-M
GA-H110M-DS2V GA-H110-D3 GA-P110-D3  
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