GIGABYTE X48 Full Series Now Supports Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced
Delivering Unequalled Power Efficiency Even While Overclocking


Taipei, Taiwan, August 6, 2008 –GIGABYTE UNITED INC., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today is pleased to announce their flagship X48 Series motherboards including the GA-X48T-DQ6, GA-X48-DQ6, GA-X48-DS5 and GA-X48-DS4, now fully support the next generation energy saving technology, Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced (DES Advanced). Designed with advanced users in mind, GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced is equipped with several new features that deliver more power savings, even while overclocking.

The GIGABYTE X48 Series supports Intel® Core 2™ multi-core processors including the latest Intel 45nm CPUs. Based on the Intel® X48 chipset, the GIGABYTE X48 Series provides record setting 1600MHz Front Side Bus support and offers flexible memory support options including up to 1600MHz native DDR3 2000MHz memory support with the GA-X48T-DQ6 and up to DDR2 1200MHz support with the GA-X48-DQ6, GA-X48-DS5 and GA-X48-DS4. The GIGABYTE X48 Series is further equipped to support ATI CrossFireX™ Technology with dual PCI-E 2.0 (x16, x16) interfaces, delivering double the PCI Express bandwidth of 5 5Gbps for the ultimate in extreme gaming performance.

Multi-gear Power Phase Switching During Overclocking
Automatically adjusts the energy saving settings to allow power users to play, while at the same time, take advantage of DES Advanced efficient power phase switching.

Stealth Mode Power Savings
Allow users to turn on or off the DES Advanced utility completely, while still experiencing the hardware-based energy saving benefits of DES Advanced.

Next Generation Energy Saving Technology: Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced
DES Advanced features improved algorithms that provide a more accurate power saving calculation for improved energy saving capabilities and enhanced overall system performance. The unique multi-gear power phase design of GIGABYTE's Dynamic Energy Saver Advanced allows for the most efficient switching of power phases depending on CPU workload. When the CPU work load is light or at idle, the Dynamic Energy Saver downshifts gears and only allows the minimum required power phases needed to accomplish the task to operate.

Unique Dynamic Energy Saver LED Hardware Design
GIGABYTE Dynamic Energy Saver enabled motherboards feature an LED display located directly on the motherboard, allowing users to see the dynamic gear shifting in real-time.

High Velocity 2X Bandwidth Boost
Providing support for 2 Gigabit LAN with Teaming functionality, GIGABYTE X48 based motherboards allow 2 single LAN connections to act as 1 single connection for twice the bandwidth at 2Gbes, 55% improving overall throughput with lower CPU utilization.

RSS (Receive Side Scaling)
RSS balances the network traffic load evenly between multiple (4 or 2) CPU cores in order to improve performance and efficiency.

Green Ethernet and Fault Tolerance
The X48 Series motherboards feature 2 Gigabit LAN chips (Realtek 8111C), which automatically adjust power consumption according to your LAN cable lengths, for up to 10% in power savings. With added network fault tolerance, GIGABYTE’s Dual LAN prevents network downtime by transferring the workload from a failed port to a working port.

GIGABYTE X48 Series Motherboards

*Please refer to GIGABYTE official website for updating BIOS and downloading DES Advanced user interface.

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