GIGABYTE Poseidon series Chassis For Your Own Life-Style

Poseidon is the god of the sea, who has the power to calm the seas. GIGABYTE Poseidon Chassis series, named after the god of the sea represents the superior Aluminum covers. By the design of 12 cm front and back silent fan, it provides optimal system thermal solution. The most special here is users can easily install and maintain the system by its internal compact wiring and tool less design. Another characteristic needed to be highlight here is the patent front side light beam projector and changeable side panel, which help users to create their own style.

Superior aluminum panel design
GIGABYTE Poseidon Chassis series provides user two colors, silver and black. By the design of 3 mm aluminum front panel, it can decrease noise and electromagnetic wave. Fine and delicate art work presents aesthetic feeling and charming atmosphere

12cm Front and back silent fan
12cm front and back silent fans (1000 RPM), provides superior thermal solution and silent environment.

Fully supports liquid cooling systems
The chassis provides a radiator placement in the path of one of the 120mm case exhaust fans and 2 coolant-pipe holes situated next to the 7 expansion card slots at the rear of the case. The GIGABYTE 3D Galaxy Liquid Cooling System is an ideal mate for the Poseidon chassis. More information about the 3D Galaxy can be found at:

Internal Cable Management
Poseidon chassis provides users a clean assembly environment. Users won't need to worry about messy cables inside the chassis.

Patent front side light beam projector
Customizable light beam projector with changeable LED, provides two choices of color. A unique characteristic is the light beam that can be customized by the user to project the image of their choice. It's a personal style chassis.

Integrated interchangeable transparent / ventilation side panels
The side panel of Poseidon chassis provides two choices for users - Ventilation side panel and transparent side panel. For users who like fancy liquid cooling system for example, they will prefer the transparent side panel to view the brilliant internal water cooling system.