GIGABYTE to Showcase the Future of 5G Technologies using Arm-based Servers at MWC Barcelona


February 28th 2022 – GIGABYTE Technology, (TWSE: 2376), an industry leader in high-performance servers and workstations, today announced new 5G solutions for telecommunications using GIGABYTE’s Arm®-based servers and they are on display at the Arm booth (#5A19, Hall5) at Mobile World Congress Barcelona (2/28-3/3). As the largest telecommunications conference in the world, MWC brings together vendors to create solutions that will better connect the world and facilitate real-time interactions for the benefit of us all.

Among the various 5G solutions that Arm will showcase at MWC, two are live demos built on GIGABYTE servers including a network-in-a-box 5G solution and a solution compromised of an enterprise private network and a GPU. Both demos are powered by the Ampere® Altra® processor. These demos are also use cases that will be available to the Arm ecosystem through the Arm 5G Solutions Lab, which Arm announced in October 2021 to accelerate innovation for Arm-based network infrastructure by providing a place for hardware and software ecosystem partners to come together and demonstrate end-to-end solutions in a live test environment. With these new uses active in the lab, 5G ecosystem partners can now innovate in an open, collaborative environment by leveraging virtualization and cloud native technologies that lead to greater customization while lowering costs.

Network-in-a-Box & Enterprise Private Networks Solutions:
5G is ushering in significant improvements in the quality and quantity of connections, and networks are being transformed as higher compute capabilities are required to drive new solutions. The network-in-a-box solution demo deploys 5G infrastructure in a way that pools edge applications and Capgemini Engineering’s Core network, Centralized Units (CU), and Distributed Units (DU); all within an edge server, GIGABYTE E252-P30. The server facilitates communication between the core network and wireless devices by using Benetel Radio Units (RU) to process and transmit digital radio signals to the server.

The enterprise private network demo is powered by GIGABYTE G242-P32 and leverages the benefits of heterogeneous computing by implementing a NVIDIA A100 GPU in a MEC setup. The NVIDIA software keeps physical layer processing within the A100’s memory, as well as containers that run on Kubernetes. Radisys’ Core, CU, and DU link to the A100 to connect with Keysight’s user equipment (UE) emulation solution and RU emulator. These two 5G edge demos will exemplify future connectivity that has greater speeds, lower latency, and is able to connect more devices.

GIGABYTE continues to welcome opportunities to partner with software and hardware partners to deliver enterprise solutions that users have come to rely on based on GIGABYTE’s depth of expertise in manufacturing and quick TTM for new platforms. Some technology partners include semiconductor manufacturers, cloud operators, and cooling providers. GIGABYTE also offers support to get enterprise products validated for hypervisors, operating systems, and applications. Customers can contact our local sales team or email us at

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