Build the infrastructure
for a connected world

Data center

The key to evolving smart technology lies in machines’ ability to store and analyze large amount of information, using it to learn how to make predictions or decisions and create valuable economic data. GIGABYTE’s server solutions are tried and true systems capable of integrating AI and big data analysis with private, public, or hybrid cloud that will enable your innovations faster, simpler, and more efficient.

Smart life

Tomorrow’s smart is based on utilizing technology resources to achieve daily convenience. GIGABYTE uses its hardware expertise and industry know-hows, while working with ecosystem partners, to bring to life ready-to-deploy applications in different 5G scenarios such as: smart agriculture, smart retail, smart security, smart transportation, and smart wearable.


The content world had evolved from images to videos, and is taking another step to high definition and AR/VR, and even mixed reality, all of which require high performance systems to procreate. GIGABYTE’s AERO series laptops continue to excel at providing professionals a carefree work environment for their creative visions to dazzle the world of tomorrow.

We're pleased to invite you to Vegas this upcoming January to witness the evolution in AIoT, discover many of GIGABYTE's ready-to-deploy products, and explore how servers and solutions could become integral part to your success in realizing your innovation of tomorrow.

Data Center Solutions

Consumer Products

  • Caesar's Palace Conference Center, 2nd Floor | Promenade Level (by invitation only)
  • Jan 7-10, 2020