Eco Rooftop at GIGABYTE: Creating Ecological Corridor through Urban Jungle

     Due to urban population expansion in recent years, we have seen a reduction of green spaces in cities. Tall and crowded buildings aggravate urban heat island effect, which not only make it difficult to cut greenhouse gas emissions, but also put more stress on animals that live on plain areas. This prompted the creation of GIGABYTE’s “G-HOME sustainable Eco-Rooftop” in June 2013, an innovative project aiming to assume our responsibility as global citizen and to provide our employees a place to relax. Covered with grass and native plant species, a mini ecological system is formed, which helps cool down temperatures of the top floors and save energy. Ever since the creation of G-HOME, people from more than 30 institutions and groups have come and visited our work and effort on ecological conservation and promotion on sustainability. 

    In response to climate change issues, GIGABYTE takes actions and makes good use of resources to save energy and greenhouse emissions. Ten innovative applications and designs can be found at GIGABYTE’s sustainable rooftop: 1. Restoration area for Taiwanese native species of fish 2. Restoration area for Taiwanese native species of plants 3. Experimental ground for plants 4. Education area for green innovations 5. First-ever rooftop wetland 6. First-ever green cupola that requires little maintenance; reuse of leftover building materials 7. Remaking of corrugated tin shelter and reuse, reducing the use of unnecessary resource 8. Application of innovative technologies: Nanometer-grade of coating material that prevents mold, kills bacteria and is self-cleaning 9. Various types of renewable energy: solar power, wind power, bicycle electricity generation, and plant energy 10. Low maintenance: Dense planting technique that is quasi wild environment and provides shelters to insects; this brings down the building cost of sustainable rooftop while at the same time serves an environmental education purpose and as an example of biological alley in urban areas. We think that, if every roof of a building in Taiwan becomes green, returning urban jungle to nature, and that people be reminded of the essence of life, pay respect to it, then this would be a vital step in the process of corporate sustainable development.
Eco Rooftop at GIGABYTE Eco Rooftop at GIGABYTE Eco Rooftop at GIGABYTE

     In times of electricity price hikes, GIGABYTE’s “G-HOME Sustainable Eco-Rooftop” cools temperature for the city, effectively reducing carbon emissions. On average, the construction fee of the 800 square meter eco-rooftop is 3,000 NTD per square meter. By using the quasi natural ecology construction technique, we effectively reduce the need to maintain as well as the associated expenses, thus bringing down the total cost of the project. Eco-rooftop has helped decrease indoor and roof temperatures by 2 to 5 and 20 degrees Celsius, respectively, saving about 18,000 kilo-watt-hours of electricity. On the other hand, recycling system recycles about 5 million liters of rainwater for irrigation. G-HOME is not just a place that lowers temperature, absorbs carbon dioxide and contributes to diversity of urban habitat; above all, it is a space for employees to rest and relax, a green space where human and nature prosper hand in hand, elevating employees’ happiness, and balancing each person’s body and mind. 
Eco Rooftop at GIGABYTE Eco Rooftop at GIGABYTE
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     Since the inaugural of G-HOME, GIGABYTE has been keen to share the motivations behind the construction of eco-rooftop with outside communities, such as to promote ecological system thinking, biodiversity and restoration of native species. Within a year, more than 30 institutions and groups have come and visited G-HOME. They learned why and how GIGABYTE did it; they also learned the issues related to ecological environment and agriculture that we face today. Through dialogue we hope to deepen people’s understanding and bring up their eventual actions. GIGABYTE is happy to share our success story so that more people can try to make their own eco-rooftops without much difficulty; we told people how we developed a water resistant plan for the roof; we also shared with them the details of the construction costs and maintenances. It is our eventual wish that each building in the city will someday become an ecological corridor, so that the city can thrive again in greenness. It will also be an opportunity to prevent energy crisis each summer and to shed the reliance on nuclear energy. Through a joint effort by people, groups, and institutions, even by law, let us make our rooftops more green and sustainable. Let Taiwan become a land not only renowned for technologies but ecologies as well.

      Visitors to the sustainable eco-rooftop will be given a tour, which is an opportunity to share many ideas and experiences as well as to engage in dialogues with stakeholders, to inform them on environmental educations that GIGABYTE has been promoting. GIGABYTE welcomes visitors from schools, institutions and groups; each visitor will be a potential green seed that grows with their heads and minds environmentally conscious. 

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Eco Rooftop at GIGABYTE Eco Rooftop at GIGABYTE