GIGABYTE and Mediasys FZ LCC Join Forces for the Fast-Rising HPC Market in the Middle East


June 9th, 2022 – GIGABYTE Technology, (TWSE: 2376), an industry leader in enterprise server solutions and professional/consumer workstations, today announced its partnership with the Dubai-based Mediasys FZ LLC, one of the Gulf region’s system integration experts in High Performance Computing (HPC) hardware with GPU compute technologies, to address the fast-rising HPC market in the Middle East.

GIGABYTE has more than 30 years of engineering expertise and success stories that cover a myriad of use cases, from high-density CPU servers to HPC/AI/Virtualization GPU servers to exclusive liquid/immersion cooled servers and more. The continuing success of GIGABYTE’s server and workstation solutions stems from the quality and resiliency inherent in the processes of GIGABYTE’s research and development and manufacturing management.

Mediasys provides the world’s leading integrated tools and solutions for digital content creation. Mediasys’ primary commitment is to help their customers do what they do best. By continually stretching the realm of possibility in seamlessly integrated tools for new media, Mediasys helps transform the science of virtual manipulation into the art of visual entertainment. They pride themselves in providing total solutions and complete technical consultancy and support services in system integration and HPC hardware.

To address the fast-rising demand for high-performance and customizable compute solutions in the Middle East market, Mediasys and GIGABYTE will work hand in hand on server systems and workstations that are benchmarked against strict criteria and purposed for a wide range of end use cases and across all industry verticals. Mediasys will be building solutions with its integration team and providing local customer services for technical support and RMA requests, in order to meet high expectations by the region’s customers for optimal delivery lead time and critical service SLA.

In addition, following the partnership announcement, Mediasys and GIGABYTE will collaborate on building the “Mediasys HPC Test Lab” for enabling the region’s customers with the latest compute technologies. The HPC Test Lab will consist of a wide range of CPU and GPU compute servers, from 1U to 4U and in different system design types. These servers can be flexibly configured, on demand, to offer testing capabilities for end applications and workloads. Mediasys and GIGABYTE aim to expand the HPC Test Lab capacity as the market growth continues. The objective is to develop the HPC Test Lab into a regional hub for technology proof-of-concept and project validation for customers.

“GIGABYTE is a key partner, especially with the demand for HPC booming and the AI sectors massive growth,” said Bejoy George, CEO of Mediasys. “This partnership will surely bring a lot of business opportunities for both GIGABYTE and Mediasys, starting with the development of the Mediasys HPC Test Lab. We believe that GIGABYTE servers are amongst the best, giving a comprehensive solution in the HPC and AI market. The Mediasys team is thrilled and looking forward to some valuable projects in the region.”

“We are seeing strong market dynamics in the region’s HPC/AI market segments at a tremendous growth pace,” said Thomas Yen, Sales Director of GIGABYTE NCBU EMEA. “Time to market is critical for success, and shortening that time for new technologies is GIGABYTE’s specialty. We know that Mediasys will be able to leverage what GIGABYTE has to offer and will be able to provide the best experience to customers in choosing the right solutions. Mediasys is making a statement in the market for their ambition and commitment to the partnership by developing the Mediasys HPC Test Lab and planning for future expansions.”

In order to pave the way for next-generation GPU computing technologies in the region’s market and to offer proof-of-concept resources thanks to the Mediasys HPC Test Lab, GIGABYTE, Mediasys and NVIDIA will be hosting a joint webinar on June 22, 2022, at 16:00 Dubai local time (GMT+4). Please join the webinar and learn about use cases for NVIDIA Hopper H100 GPU technology, GIGABYTE’s next-gen GPU servers, and Mediasys HPC Test Lab.

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