Compliance with EU Commission Regulation 2019/424 for Energy Efficiency in Server Products (ErP Lot 9)

Feb 26, 2020

Updated 9th March 2020

Customers who require to update their firmware such as for ErP Lot 9 Compliance should please take note of the following:

A bug exists when customers update their AMI BMC firmware from versions earlier than 12.40.30 (e.g. 12.40.24) directly to 12.41.09 and choose the "Preserve All Configurations" setting during the firmware update process. Their unique configuration and settings will be lost even if they choose the "Preserve All Configurations" option.

Please see "Important Guidelines to Preserve Configuration Settings When Updating BMC Firmware" page for more information

26th February 2020

The EU Commission has identified servers and data storage products as having a significant environmental impact, and has introduced new regulations for improvement of the energy consumption and resource efficiency of these products.

The ErP Lot 9 Regulation, effective March 1st 2020, introduces requirements for servers with one or two processor sockets to limit power consumption in idle state, improve active state efficiency and set minimum requirements for power supply efficiency for products within the scope of the regulation.


GIGABYTE's server products being imported and sold in the European Union (requiring CE certification) are affected by this regulation.

Implementation of Compliance:

GIGABYTE has introduced new BIOS and BMC firmware versions for our server products* that will decrease power consumption in idle mode to comply with the new regulation. These new BIOS and BMC versions feature a new setting, "Erp Mode", that will reduce fan speed (i.e. low fan speed mode) and modify the PSU state (cold redundancy mode) when the server is in an idle state.

*ErP Mode support will be available as standard for Intel Purley / AMD Naples & Rome server platforms. Support for other platforms (e.g. Intel Grantley, Cavium / Marvell Arm, R121-340) available on request

The updated BIOS has a new menu item, “ErP Mode”:

When “ErP Mode” is enabled, fan speed will be adjusted and any redundant PSU will be placed into a standby state (“Cold Redundancy”) in order to decrease power consumption when the server is in idle mode.

For more information on how to enable ErP Mode in the BIOS, please download the "User Guide - ErP Mode BIOS Setup" document from the Manual section of your GIGABYTE server product support page

The new BIOS and BMC firmware versions can be downloaded the support page of each GIGABYTE server product. Please check the BIOS or BMC version with “ErP Mode Support” for download:

E.g. BIOS download

E.g. BMC download

Customers Requiring Compliance with ErP Lot 9 Regulations

In addition to updating both the new BIOS and BMC to enable ErP Mode, GIGABYTE has a suggested optimal system configuration that will enable each server product to comply with the new regulation.

Customers requiring compliance are requested to contact with your local GIGABYTE sales or technical representative for assistance or contact us directly by email: marketing(at) for more information

GIGABYTE Server Team