BIOS Updates for 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors – Updated 2022.1 IPU for Security Vulnerabilities

Security Vulnerabilities: INTEL-SA-00616 and INTEL-SA-00601

CVE-2021-21131, CVE-2021-21136, CVE-2021-0189, CVE-2021-0159, CVE-2021-33123, CVE-2021-33124
Jun 02, 2022

GIGABYTE acknowledges the following security vulnerabilities affecting our server products on the Intel platform. BIOS updates fix the potential vulnerabilities.

Intel Security AdvisoryCommon Vulnerabilities Exposures (CVE) CodeSeverity RatingImpact of vulnerability
Released 5/10/2022
2.7 - 3.3 Low Denial of Service,
Information Disclosure
Released 5/10/2022
7.4 - 8.2 High Escalation of Privilege

Affected products:

Motherboard MD71-HB0, MD71-HB1, MU71-SU0
R-series R161-340, R181-2A0, R181-N20, R181-NA0, R181-340, R261-3C0, R281-NO0, R281-N40, R281-2O0, R281-3C0, R281-3C1, R282-3C2, R282-G30
G-series G241-G40, G191-H44, G291-280, G291-281, G291-2G0, G481-H80, G481-H81, G481-HA0, G481-HA1
H-series H231-G20, H261-3C0, H261-N80, H231-H60, H261-H60, H261-H61, H261-NO0, H261-PC0, H282-PE0
E-series E251-U70
S-series S451-3R0, S451-3R1, S461-3T0
OCP-series T181-G20, T181-G23, T181-G24, TO22-C20, TO22-C21, TO22-C22

If your GIGABYTE server product is listed above, then updating the BIOS is highly recommended.

Please navigate to the "Support" section of the relevant product page to download the updated BIOS.
For any further assistance regarding this issue please contact your GIGABYTE sales representative, or create a new support ticket at