Firmware Update for Security Vulnerabilities Associated with AMI MegaRAC Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) Software

CVE-2023-34329, CVE-2023-34330
Jul 28, 2023

Giga Computing Technology Co., Ltd. acknowledges the security vulnerabilities affecting GIGABYTE’s server products that are using the following BMCs and users are suggested updating to the latest version as shown in the bracket:


        ASPEED AST2500 (Arm) (12.61.02)

        ASPEED AST2500 (x86) (12.61.01)

        ASPEED AST2500 (x86 with Mini-DP) (12.83.44)

        ASPEED AST2600 (13.05.02)


To mitigate the risk of exploitation, GIGABYTE has released new firmware versions for the vulnerabilities as listed below. Updated firmware versions to address the threats are available on all affected product pages.


Common Vulnerabilities or Exposures (CVEID): CVE-2023-34329

Severity Rating (CVSSv3.1): 8.4, High

Description: AMI MegaRAC SPx12 contains a vulnerability in BMC where a User may cause an authentication bypass by spoofing the HTTP header. A successful exploit of this vulnerability may lead to loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


Common Vulnerabilities or Exposures (CVEID): CVE-2023-34330

Severity Rating (CVSSv3.1): 8.2, High

Description: AMI SPx contains a vulnerability in the BMC where a user may inject code which could be executed via a Dynamic Redfish Extension interface. A successful exploit of this vulnerability may lead to a loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


*Please navigate to the "Support" section of the relevant product page to download the updated firmware.

*For any further assistance regarding this issue please contact your Giga Computing sales representative, or create a new support ticket at