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  • The Choice of Gamers

    EasyCOM 2016/01
  • BEST BUY 鉄板パーツ

    Ascii 2015/11
  • Gold Award

    Ocaholic 2015/11
  • GTX950 Price/Performance Award

    GameZoom 2015/11

  • Best Quality/Price

    PC Format 2015/11
  • Recommended Award

    Exame Informatica 2015/11
  • 2015 Gold Award

    mato78 2015/11
  • 2015 Editor Recommended Award

    Tom's Hardware 2015/11

  • Best Performance

    HWM 2015/11
  • 4/5 Award

    Overclocking Made In France 2015/10
  • 2015 Gold Award

    The temperature / power consumption ratio also makes it a perfect card. More
    Professional Review 2015/10
  • 2015 Recommended Award

    GIGABYTE GTX950 XTREME GAMING is a small and powerful for 1080p gaming. More
    Professional Review 2015/10

  • 3/3 Stars Award

    Gigabyte GTX950 Xtreme Gaming is a good card that can satisfy gamers who do not have budget to buy higher-end card but want to have great gaming experience with 1080p resolution.
    Modding.fr 2015/10
  • Good Choice

    GIGABYTE GTX950 Xtreme Gaming has great performance, high efficiency WindForce cooling system and high quality workmanship. More
    Noticias3D 2015/10
  • Highly Recommended Award

    Gigabyte's cooler uses two fans that sit above a single heatpipe that's twice the length of a normal one and makes direct contact with the GPU's surface, making it a well-performing and cost-effective cooling solution. More
    TechPowerUp 2015/09
  • Must Have

    If you have your sights set on a GTX 950, Gigabyte’s GTX 950 Xtreme Gaming is one of the best options available. More
    KitGuru 2015/09

  • Silver Award

    Gigabyte GTX 950 Xtreme Gaming is a suitable model for anyone who’s looking for a mid-range video card that allows playing 1080p resolution without too many sacrifices of high/ultra-details. More
    XtremeHardware 2015/09
  • Winner

    Gigabyte GTX 950 Xtreme Gaming’s aggressive factory overclocks, strong performance relative to its competitors, and good cooling performance combine for a winning formula.
    Hardware zone 2015/09
  • Gold Award

    Gigabyte GTX 950 Xtreme Gaming’s WindForce 2X cooler which is able to keep low temperatures with really low noise level sound; the card also provides the highest frequencies in the core market and allows another extra dose of overclocking. More
    El Chapuzas Informatico 2015/09
  • Guru3D Top Pick

    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 950 Xtreme Gaming OC edition is among the best entry level products available and it even comes with proper cooling, totally silent noise levels and a backplate. More
    Guru3D 2015/09

  • Best Innovation

    GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 950 XTREME GAMING is a perfect choice for every game with its perfect customized WINDFORCE cooling system and its fantastic performance!
    Vmodtech 2015/09
  • Best Performance

    Vmodtech 2015/09
  • Gold Award

    GIGABYTE GTX950 Xtreme Gaming is the best GTX 950 model which we have tested to date. If you want a 950, this is without doubt the one to buy. More
    HardwareHeaven 2015/09